The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 317

Chapter 317: Are You Flirting With Me?

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Gu Juexi glanced at Ye Yuwei’s hands that were clasped behind her back then raised his head to stare at her. He knew that she was trying to hide her anxiety.

“Unfortunately, you don’t deserve my effort. What makes you think I would go that far for you?”

‘You didn’t even believe me when I confessed my love for you.’

Ye Yuwei’s fists were clenched so tightly, they hurt when she finally unclenched them.

Gu Juexi walked to the bathroom and left Ye Yuwei sitting on the bed.

‘Don’t flatter yourself, Ye Yuwei.’

When Gu Juexi reached the bathroom, he threw his tie on the floor and stared at the mirror. His eyes were blazing bright with rage.

‘Is she crazy? It’s true, she doesn’t deserve my effort. I really am a fool to fall for her.’

It was quiet in the bar during daytime. Xiao Yaojing was watching Lu Qichuan drink, one after the other, and she didn’t know how to stop him. She could only scroll through her phone’s contact list, hoping that someone would come to his rescue.

[Xiao Yaojing: How do you comfort a miserable man?

Wen Tao: What?

Xiao Yaojing: Don’t you understand Mandarin?

Wen Tao: Do you mean Mr. Lu?

Xiao Yaojing: Why are you asking me if you know the answer?]

PA Wen had somehow become Xiao Yaojing’s relationship counselor.

Currently, PA Wen was attending a meeting on behalf of Gu Juexi. The corner of his mouth curved upwards as he read her messages. However, no one knew what was on his mind.

“PA Wen.”

The manager sitting beside him called out his name.

Startled, PA Wen looked up and adjusted his glasses.

“The report is not detailed enough. Do you want the CEO to guess what your report is trying to convey or would you rather he fire you instead?” PA Wen asked coldly as he stood up.

“Please submit an updated report for May, June, and July before the CEO reaches his office tomorrow.” PA Wen walked out of the meeting room, texting Xiao Yaojing. The people in the meeting hall were still seated, looking around in bewilderment, wondering what had happened to the gentle PA Wen.

[Wen Tao: You don’t have to say anything, just keep him company.

Xiao Yaojing: Are you sure?

Wen Tao: Yes, gosh! Would you prefer asking Mistress to join you?

Xiao Yaojing: Why are you so angry? Is this new attitude something you learned from your terrible boss?]

PA Wen stopped typing, deleted the text he was about to send and changed it to sound better.

[Wen Tao: What I meant was Mr. Lu doesn’t need you to comfort him. He’ll get over it. All you need to do is stay by his side and keep him company.]

Xiao Yaojing did not reply. PA Wen put his phone back in his pocket, a calm smile on his face as if nothing had happened.

In the bar, Xiao Yaojing was studying Lu Qichuan with her head resting on her fist, elbow propped against the counter. In her eyes, Lu Qichuan was looking pretty good.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Lu Qichuan smiled as he asked, but he did not look at the female seated near him.

“You’re stunning,” Xiao Yaojing answered bluntly.

“Are you flirting with me?” Shocked, Lu Qichuan looked at Xiao Yaojing.