The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 318

Chapter 318: She Was Still On His Mind Even When He Was Drunk

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“Yes, I am. Am I not allowed to do so?” Lu Qichuan was sitting very close to Xiao Yaojing but she did not avert her gaze.

“Haha…” Lu Qichuan merely laughed and ordered another bottle of wine.

“Watch what you say, little girl.”

“Pfft. Do you really love Ye Zi so much?” Xiao Yaojing rested her chin in her hands and stared at Lu Qichuan intently.

Lu Qichuan’s eyes were bloodshot because of all the wine he had been drinking. Hearing Xiao Yaojing, he downed the remaining wine in his glass and burst into laughter.

“Of course, I’ve loved her for more than ten years. I was the first person who found her. Why would she fall for Gu Juexi?”

His words tugged at Xiao Yaojing’s heart. Lu Qichuan was definitely drunk because he wouldn’t have told her all of this otherwise.

“Maybe it’s because Gu Juexi is cool. Girls always fall for cool guys,” Xiao Yaojing teased.

“Haha. How about you?” Lu Qichuan chuckled and mimicked Xiao Yaojing’s position, placing one hand on the bar counter and resting his head on the other.

“I don’t need a cool guy, I’m cool enough. I want a good-tempered guy,” Xiao Yaojing answered brightly.

“Haha. Out of all the people I know, I think Wen Tao is the most good-natured considering he’s still working with Gu Juexi.” Lu Qichuan observed, then turned around and continued drinking.

“PA Wen? How can he be good if he is working with Gu Juexi?” Xiao Yaojing scoffed in disbelief.

Lu Qichuan did not reply and laid his head on the bar counter instead.

“Lu Qichuan! Lu Qichuan!” Xiao Yaojing shook his body, alarmed. He was still murmuring Ye Yuwei’s name. The man was truly drunk.

“Ye Yuwei is so lucky. She’s on his mind even when he’s drunk,” Xiao Yaojing sighed and left the bar, holding the inebriated male in her arms.

Lu Qichuan did not become wild after getting drunk, instead he just kept mumbling things about Ye Yuwei.

‘Why did Ye Yuwei fall for Gu Juexi? Why didn’t I insist on going to the police station?’

Xiao Yaojing found Lu Qichuan’s car keys, dumped him in the backseat, and stared at him.

“Even if you found Ye Yuwei before Gu Juexi, she would never have fallen for you. Ye Yuwei is too deeply in love with Gu Juexi. She would never fall for anyone else, even if she divorces him,” Xiao Yaojing said softly as she drove the car away.

Xiao Yaojing had no idea where Lu Qichuan was staying so she called PA Wen.

PA Wen was working when his phone rang. He was surprised when he saw the caller’s name.

“Hello Ma’am, what’s up?”

“Lu Qichuan is drunk, do you know where he stays? I’m going to drive him back,” Xiao Yaojing said.

“I will send you his address soon. You can get there using a navigation app.” PA Wen was twirling the pen in his hand, eyes indifferent.


Xiao Yaojing turned to look at Lu Qichuan who was still sleeping in the backseat.

“How are you going back after that?” PA Wen asked casually as he put the pen down and typed in the address.