The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 319

Chapter 319: He Had No Way to Escape

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“I will stay there and take care of him. He’s drunk, how could I leave him alone?” Xiao Yaojing stated matter-of-factly.

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot that Miss Xiao is a Superwoman who is always kind and helpful to others.”

PA Wen stopped typing, his lips curved into a smile.

“I just sent you the address. I’m busy at the moment, but call me if you need help,” PA Wen said and sent the address to Xiao Yaojing.

Xiao Yaojing pouted as she read the text and drove Lu Qichuan back.

A strange feeling bloomed in him— a feeling he knew he shouldn’t have. He was digging his own grave. PA Wen tossed his phone onto the table and massaged his forehead wearily.

Gu Juexi did not go out that afternoon. He was sitting at the balcony, reading the script of a movie he wanted to invest in. He was particularly fond of movies about Physics. Blatantly ignoring Gu Juexi, Ye Yuwei was reading a book about banking.

Ye Yuwei looked up and watched Gu Juexi writing his comments in the script. In everything other than love and relationships, the man was perfect because nothing could stop him from doing what he wanted.

Beep Beep!

Gu Juexi’s laptop had received a notification. Ye Yuwei quickly ducked her head.

Gu Juexi put down the script, stood, and picked the laptop up. His gaze briefly fell on Ye Yuwei before he returned to his seat.

‘What is wrong with him? What is he trying to imply with that condescending look?’

It was an email addressed to Fox.

[Brother Gu, I have checked it out. The orphanage was set up twenty-four years ago. The house mother’s name is Ye Xiu.]

‘Twenty four years ago? This is the sixth coincidence.’

Gu Juexi tapped the screen and continued reading.

[There was a note by the Civil Affair Department that Ye Yuwei was the first child Ye Xiu brought into the orphanage.]

Gu Juexi froze, fingers hovering motionlessly over the screen. There was a massive conflict in the Bai Family twenty-four years ago. The orphanage was set up at the same time and Ye Yuwei was the first orphan in the orphanage.

[I also checked the information on Ye Xiu’s identity card copy and her origins. The person does not exist.”]

Gu Juexi studied the photocopy of the identity card; the delicate lady in the picture looked to be in her twenties.

‘Even at this young age, she could set up an orphanage on her own?’

Gu Juexi turned to look at Ye Yuwei who had fallen asleep.

With these six coincidences, all the questions in his mind had been answered.

However, Ye Shu…

Gu Juexi lowered his gaze to the screen and started typing.

[Check on Ye Shu.]

Gu Juexi closed the laptop after the email had been sent out. He shut his eyes and lay down on the couch. He had been avoiding facing this for so long but there was no way to escape it now. After a short rest, he got up and walked into the room.

There he found Ye Yuwei reclined comfortably on the bed with a book in her hands.