The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 320

Chapter 320: Threatened Bai Yuyan (I)

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Gu Juexi carefully removed the book from Ye Yuwei’s grasp and tucked her into bed before he sat down at the bedside.

‘What makes you so special?’ Gu Juexi wondered as he stroked Ye Yuwei’s cheek gently.

“Who does Bai Yuyan think she is to shout at you?” Gu Juexi sneered as he got up and left the room.

At the time, Bai Yuyan was talking to Madame Gu happily, as if nothing had happened.

Knock knock!

“Miss Bai, Master asked you to meet him in the study,” Butler Kim said after knocking the door and walking into the room.

“Brother Gu is looking for me?” Bai Yuyan asked excitedly.

“Just go and meet him. If Juexi bullies you, I will take your side.”

“Don’t worry, grandma, Brother Gu wouldn’t do that,” Bai Yuyan said pleasantly.

Butler Kim was still standing at the door, waiting for Bai Yuyan. His face was emotionless.

When Bai Yuyan reached the study, Gu Juexi was looking out the window.

“Brother Gu, are you looking for me?” Bai Yuyan asked, smiling brightly.

Gu Juexi turned to look at Bai Yuyan. Bai Yuyan was smiling at him, standing at the door dressed in designer clothes from head to toe. In truth, she was the one who had stolen the identity of Ye Yuwei.

‘How can she be so bold so as to swagger around the place instead of keeping a low profile?’

“Bai Yuyan, were you the first or second child back then?” Gu Juexi asked suddenly.

Hearing his words, Bai Yuyan started trembling and her lips began to quiver.

“Brother Gu, what do you mean? You were the one who carried me. Don’t you remember?” Bai Yuyan protested quickly.

Gu Juexi’s brows knitted at Bai Yuyan’s response.

“Brother Gu, did Ye Yuwei tell you anything? I clearly remember that you were the one who saved me. Brother Lu was injured back then.” Bai Yuyan was growing increasingly anxious and showed Gu Juexi the bracelet on her hand.

“Brother Gu, don’t you remember this sapphire? I really am the one you saved.”

[In the fire, Gu Juexi was carrying a little girl in one hand and holding Lu Qichuan in another. The little girl had a sapphire around her neck.]

Gu Juexi’s gaze fell on the bracelet and he put his hand out.

Though Bai Yuyan did not know what was he planning, she took off the bracelet and handed it to Gu Juexi.

“I remember. This was on your neck back then,” Gu Juexi murmured.

“I think it looks better in a bracelet.” Bai Yuyan tried to disguise her fear but her body shook uncontrollably.

Dark smoke was billowing into the sky when the fire broke out. He could not remember the face of the little girl, the only thing he could remember was the sapphire. Hence, he only mentioned the sapphire when he made the police report.

He found it ridiculous that the Bai Family asked Gu Juexi to identify their daughter—the girl with the sapphire. Naturally, the person who owned the sapphire would be the one. Therefore Bai Yuyan was brought back to the Bai Family.

However, with all these coincidences, Gu Juexi could now confirm that Ye Yuwei was actually Bai Ying’s daughter. Something had gone wrong after the fire.

“You stole this.” Gu Juexi tightened his grip on the sapphire as he stared at Bai Yuyan. His cold gaze sent chills down her spine.

“Brother Gu, what are you talking about? I don’t understand.” Bai Yuyan was thrown off by his harsh remark.