The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 322

Chapter 322: I Will Change It For You

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When Gu Juexi returned to the bedroom, Ye Yuwei was still sleeping.

Lowering himself to sit on the bed, Gu Juexi narrowed his eyes at Ye Yuwei. He then reached out and pinched her cheek.

“Ouch!” Ye Yuwei awoke with a start, feeling the pain on her cheek. She blinked up at Gu Juexi in bewilderment. Unexpectedly, Gu Juexi leaned down to press his lips to hers then nipped them.

“Idiot.” He snapped then left the room.

‘What did he just do? Idiot?’ Ye Yuwei could not believe what he had done, her eyes wide in shock. Gu Juexi woke her up only to scold her? He was the idiot! Bastard!

Ye Yuwei quickly grabbed a pillow and throw it at Gu Juexi. Of course, it did not hit him as the door was closed.

Gu Juexi was sitting in the living room with the bracelet in his hands. He did not want to reveal the real identity of Bai Yuyan so soon but she was beyond Ye Yuwei’s control. He could not help but threaten Bai Yuyan to ensure she did not hurt Ye Yuwei.

However, Gu Juexi also wanted Cheng Jie to know that he had discovered Bai Yuyan’s real identity. Gu Juexi was Bai Ying’s son-in-law, and Bai Ying was every bit as formidable as Cheng Jie. Cheng Jie definitely knew why she had brought Bai Yuyan back instead. Since Cheng Jie was wary of Bai Ying and her determination, he would definitely not mess with Gu Juexi. By doing this, Gu Juexi now had the upper hand.

As Cheng Jie was cautious of Gu Juexi, there might be opportunities where he gave himself away.

[Keep an eye on Mike. He will definitely meet Cheng Jie.] Gu Juexi took his phone and sent out a message.

Ye Yuwei was walking down the stairs. Gu Juexi put his phone away and took the cup on the table. His gaze was fixed on Ye Yuwei.

Ignoring Gu Juexi, Ye Yuwei walked straight to the kitchen and spoke to a servant cheerfully.

“The water is burning hot!” Bristling in anger, Gu Juexi put the cup back on the table.

Hearing him, the servant started to panic, her body shaking violently. She had never been so terrified during all her four years working in the Gu Mansion.

The servant looked at Ye Yuwei pleadingly as if asking for her help. She had always served the same water and Gu Juexi had never been unsatisfied with it before this.

“Don’t worry, go ahead and prepare dinner,” Ye Yuwei said reassuringly, patting her shoulder to comfort her.

“Thank you, Mistress,” the servant replied tremulously, quickly going off to cook dinner.

Ye Yuwei took half a cup of cold water and walked towards Gu Juexi. She then took the cup from the table, poured the cold water into his cup and handed it back to Gu Juexi.

Sitting on the sofa, Gu Juexi merely raised his head to look at Ye Yuwei. He did not take the cup.

Ye Yuwei cursed inwardly as she placed the cup back on the table and turned to leave.

“You are giving me this mixed water? How about my face?” Gu Juexi asked cynically.

Ye Yuwei paused and turned to look at Gu Juexi, feeling a strong urge to slap his face.

Gu Juexi delighted in seeing her reaction. Teasing Ye Yuwei was always a great way to lift his mood.

Infuriated by his words, Ye Yuwei’s gaze swept past the servant gesturing for help and locked on Gu Juexi again.

“Mr. Gu, please give me a minute. I will change it for you.” Ye Yuwei took the cup and gulped down the water before striding into the kitchen.