The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 323

Chapter 323: Password! What Is The Password?

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“Master is so frightening nowadays. Will he fire me? I didn’t mean to do it.” The servant was rinsing the vegetables as she spoke in a trembling voice.

“Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal. He was just looking for trouble,” Ye Yuwei answered as she poured hot water into a cup.

“I really enjoyed the times when Master was not around.” As soon as the servant mumbled the words, Auntie Qian rapped her sharply with her ladle.

“It’s good that Master stays at home these days. Auntie Mao must be very happy. Mistress, please listen to this old lady, allow me to speak on Auntie Mao’s behalf. The past has gone, let it go.” Auntie Qian turned to Ye Yuwei, smiling warmly.

Hearing Auntie Qian’s words, Ye Yuwei’s body shuddered. She would never forget.

Only when the hot water had become lukewarm did Ye Yuwei walk out of the kitchen and put the cup on the table before Gu Juexi.

Gu Juexi was reading the newspaper, and he stopped Ye Yuwei as soon as she turned to leave.

“Did you need anything else, Mr. Gu?” Ye Yuwei stared at Gu Juexi who was holding the cup with a distant look in his eyes.

Bai Ying was the person who had killed his comrade. Ye Yuwei was actually the daughter of his comrade’s enemy, but she was such a fool.

Malice flashed briefly in his dark eyes.

“Nothing.” Gu Juexi took a sip of the water and gestured for her to leave.

Ye Yuwei glanced contemptuously at him before she left. Bai Yuyan was walking down the stairs at the time, Madame Gu on her arm.

Bai Yuyan’s face darkened as she noticed Ye Yuwei. Even when Gu Juexi was not looking at her, he was terrifying.

“Yuwei, I am sorry for what happened this morning. I didn’t mean to hurt your friend,” Bai Yuyan apologized to Ye Yuwei, looking uncomfortable.

‘It is a miracle that Bai Yuyan has become so cautious and humble.’ Ye Yuwei thought in awe.

Gu Juexi shook the newspaper and continued reading. Reining in her anger, Bai Yuyan unconsciously glanced at Gu Juexi and did not speak anymore.

“Such an ill-bred woman.” Madame Gu and Bai Yuyan walked into the dining area. Gu Juexi said nothing but emotions whirled in his eyes.

Ye Yuwei returned to the bedroom. The tense atmosphere in the living room dissolved into a peaceful silence.

As soon as she reached the bedroom, Ye Yuwei’s gaze fell on Gu Juexi’s laptop at the balcony then darted to the tightly closed door.

‘There must be a copy of the deal with Bo Shen Enterprise in that laptop.’

Ye Yuwei bit her lip and listened carefully for any sounds outside the room. When she was sure that Gu Juexi was still sitting downstairs, she quickly turned on the laptop in the balcony.

The laptop was locked with a password. Ye Yuwei had tried to unlock it with the dates of important occasions related to Gu Juexi, birthday included, but nothing worked.

‘Password! What is the password?’ Ye Yuwei pursed her lips and tried one last time.

Creak! The door handle twisted and the door was pushed open.

Panicking, Ye Yuwei shut the laptop and stood up hastily. Her eyes were fixed on the door.