The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 326

Chapter 326: She Is a Heartless Woman

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PA Wen was impressed Gu Juexi actually knew his wedding anniversary.

Meanwhile, Gu Juexi was not happy when he found out what the password was.

It was such a simple password but she needed four attempts and still got it wrong.

Or had she forgotten their wedding anniversary?

That heartless woman!

Gu Juexi glared at Ye Yuwei when she exited the bathroom, and bumped her shoulder as he walked past to go into the bathroom.

Ye Yuwei was dumbfounded, and figured he had probably lost his mind again.

She was drying her hair with a towel as she walked to the bed. She noticed Gu Juexi’s laptop was on and displaying the login page. She blinked in shock, the hand that was drying her hair stopped its motions.

Gu Juexi knew.

So what was this? Was he trying to tell her that he knew?

Ye Yuwei’s mixed emotions warred in her. She threw her towel onto the bed and stormed out of the room without looking back.

Butler Kim was still there when Ye Yuwei arrived downstairs, and he quickly stood up when he saw her. “Young Mistress,” Butler Kim called out.

Ye Yuwei looked at Butler Kim’s hand on his back and asked sympathetically, “Is your back hurting again? You have been working too much lately, you can distribute the work to the others.”

Butler Kim smiled and waved his hand dismissively. “I don’t trust them without Auntie Mao there.”

Auntie Mao.

Ye Yuwei lowered her gaze as she thought of Auntie Mao. She had not visited her in a few days and was wondering how Auntie Mao was feeling.

“You went to the hospital. How was Auntie Mao?” asked Ye Yuwei.

“She is fine. Her tests were all normal but she is still not waking up. Maybe she’s tired of working her whole life and wanted to take some rest,” reasoned Butler Kim as he massaged his back, face scrunched up in pain. “Auntie Mao would be so happy if she knew that you are pregnant, and she would definitely protect you from them if she were here.”

Butler Kim sighed and Ye Yuwei’s heart sank.

“Please wait until Auntie Mao is back before you make any decision, Young Mistress. Auntie Mao cares about you the most,” advised Butler Kim gently.

Ye Yuwei nodded and looked away.

“I can’t leave this place even if I wanted to, can I? There is even someone watching the door,” Ye Yuwei said sarcastically.

Butler Kim paused then shook his head as he realized that he could not defend the young master’s excessive actions, even if he wanted to.

“Please go back to your room and rest, I will stay here for a while,” Ye Yuwei could not bear seeing Butler Kim suffer from his aching back and asked, “Auntie Qian, do you still have the ointment that Auntie Mao had last time?”

“Yes I do, let me go get it,” said Auntie Qian as she came out of the kitchen and wiped her hands on her apron.

It felt like the good old days when only the young mistress was alone with them.

“It has always been like this, I am okay,” said Butler Kim with a warm smile.

Ye Yuwei sent Butler Kim back to his room. “Even more reason for you to take care of it. Let the others do the chores. They are not new here, they should know what to do.”

“What will this place become if the young mistress left?” Butler Kim sat down at the side of his bed and let out a sigh.

Auntie Qian paused for a second as she heard Butler Kim. She passed the ointment to him and then left the room with Ye Yuwei.

After Auntie Qian went back to work, Ye Yuwei looked at the house and realized that she had no plans of being in this place even if she left.

Gu Juexi was right. She was a heartless woman.

Gu Juexi looked at Ye Yuwei from upstairs. “Ye Yuwei,” he called out with a smile.