The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 327

Chapter 327: Did You Know, Gu Juexi?

Ye Yuwei heard Gu Juexi and looked up at him.

They stared at each other, one standing upstairs and the other downstairs.

As if he was so high up and she had to look up to him, like she should.

Gu Juexi leaned against the railing. No one beneath Gu Juexi could stand beside him unless they could hang on to the railing.

She had tried her best to get to the railing, had used all her strength to hang on to it in hopes that she could stand by his side. But the reality was that she had used up all her strength and fallen to pieces.

'Did you know, Gu Juexi?

'I tried so hard to love you, but now I would rather use the last of my strength to let go than to die pathetically on the railing.

'Because you might look at me one last time if I let go and fell to pieces, but you probably would never have noticed me if I continued hanging onto the railing, begging for your attention.'

Gu Juexi was also looking at Ye Yuwei.

This woman was his wife, who had come into his life against his will.

Grandpa was hardly home because there was another woman he had loved out there. To him, home was where that woman was, and grandma was just a woman that the family had arranged for him.

Dad was hardly home too because he was always busy with work. He was needed all the time at work, and Mom was just a woman that the family had arranged for him.

He was hardly home because that was how Grandpa and Dad had done it, and no one had ever criticized them for it. So why was it wrong when it came to him? It was not fair! And out of all the generations, he was the one who actually fell for the woman that the family had arranged for him.

"Come here." Gu Juexi did not like the idea of her standing beneath him. She was his wife and should be standing beside him.

Ye Yuwei heard him but turned around and switched on the television. She could not even reach the level where Gu Juexi was, not to mention stand beside him.

They belonged to different worlds, after all.

Gu Juexi's face turned grim at Ye Yuwei's response.

Ye Yuwei leaned back on the sofa and watched the news, not really paying attention to it.

"Welcome back to Finance World, where we are honored to have the CEO of Bo Shen Enterprise with us. The man who recently landed a deal with Gu Enterprise – Cheng Jie, Mr Cheng!"

Ye Yuwei straightened her back the moment she heard 'Gu Enterprise' and focused on the television.

'Cheng Jie!'

Ye Yuwei clenched her fists unconsciously.

Suddenly, the television switched off. "Go to bed, don't you know what time it is?" Reprimanded Gu Juexi as he held on to Ye Yuwei's wrist to bring her upstairs.

"Hey…" Ye Yuwei tripped and bumped into Gu Juexi's back. She struggled to free herself but Gu Juexi turned around and gripped her shoulders, resting his forehead on hers. "Try to endure since you are not strong enough to fight back," said Gu Juexi gently.

"Why should I?" retorted Ye Yuwei stubbornly. "Why should I let him get away with all the crimes he committed?"

"Are you the police? Or the Securities Regulatory Commission?" Gu Juexi snapped, still holding her down tightly. "You don't stand a chance of going against him. Do you know how many other areas Bo Shen Enterprise is involved in?"