The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 329

Chapter 329: Not to Mention Mrs. Gu and My Son

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Cheng Jie was already waiting there by the time they reached.

Ye Yuwei could feel Gu Juexi’s aura change before they entered the private room. She was familiar with this aura—it was the aura that Gu Juexi had at the hearing.

He would take Cheng Jie down, no matter the cost.

They entered the private room and saw Cheng Jie sitting there, facing the door.

Their gazes locked and the atmosphere became tense.

Gu Juexi’s hand on Ye Yuwei’s waist tightened and his entire body stiffened as Cheng Jie smiled charmingly, standing up to welcome them. “I almost thought you wouldn’t make it.”

Ye Yuwei’s face was a blank mask. She was not smiling—not even diplomatically, and her main focus was on the man’s deep blue eyes.

They were different.

Gu Juexi controlled his murderous aura and sat down beside Ye Yuwei without shaking Cheng Jie’s hand. Cheng Jie sat back down, indifferent.

The waitress began to serve their food and no one said a word until she left the room.

“I heard Mrs. Gu saved this hotel. It appears Mrs Gu is a good judge of character,” Cheng Jie said, smiling.

“I am different you, from Mr. Cheng.” Ye Yuwei sneered, sitting upright.

“You are too kind Mrs. Gu,” replied Cheng Jie, who looked like he did not get Ye Yuwei’s sarcasm.

Ye Yuewi bit her lip.

Gu Juexi put his hand on Ye Yuwei’s and looked at Cheng Jie. “Why did you invite us here? Don’t you think my wife and I wouldn’t be happy to see you?”

“It was most entertaining speaking to Mrs. Gu last time, so I wished to talk to her again,” said Cheng Jie, smile never leaving his face.

“I don’t have anything to say to you,” Ye Yuwei replied tightly, trying her best to control her anger. Gu Juexi had to hold Ye Yuwei’s hand tightly to make sure she did not throw her wine in Cheng Jie’s face.

Gu Juexi leaned toward Ye Yuwei and murmured softly into her ear, “Don’t let your anger be the reason someone attacks you.”


Gu Juexi held Ye Yuwei’s hand again and smiled at Cheng Jie. “You got what you wanted. The diamond project has been successfully implemented and you get to launder at least three billion dollars. This amount is worth my entire Gu Enterprise, so rest assured I will not put myself on the line, not to mention Mrs. Gu and my son.”

“It’s good that I have your word but Mrs. Gu looks like she is in a bad mood.” Cheng Jie laughed, swirling the wine in his glass.

“Didn’t you plan this from the start?” Ye Yuwei burst out, pursing her lips after.

“I told you the other day that there is no gray area in this field. Mrs Gu, you were just too careless,” cooed Cheng Jie, leaning toward Ye Yuwei and smiling indulgently.

Cheng Jie then leaned back in his chair. “I really have to thank Mrs. Gu for being careless though, or it would have been too difficult to take Mr.Gu down. Then again, I wouldn’t have gotten the chance if Mr. Gu didn’t care so much about you. Don’t you agree, Mrs. Gu?”

Ye Yuwei’s body stiffened at Cheng Jie’s words—even Gu Juexi could feel her rage.