The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 330

Chapter 330: Thank Your Ancestors of Eighteen Generations?

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“Mr. Cheng plays his game well. It is still as impressive after eleven years,” said Gu Juexi with a faint smile, his calm aura contrasting Ye Yuwei’s rage.

He knew that Ye Yuwei was bad at being subtle. She was not afraid to show her anger, but there was nothing she could do besides that. Having that kind of character made it hard for Ye Yuwei to survive in this dog-eat-dog world.

The title of Mrs. Gu had given her good things for the past three years, but it had also brought bad things.

What would happen if he died?

The thought of it made Gu Juexi frown.

How could he die and leave Ye Yuwei like that?

“You are being humble, Mr. Gu,” snorted Cheng Jie, leaning back in his chair. “You haven’t changed in the past eleven years ago. People with weaknesses are just destined to lose.”

Ye Yuwei had no idea what these two men were saying.

What had happened eleven years ago?

That was the year Gu Juexi retired from the army.

“I agree,” said Gu Juexi emotionlessly, “but Mrs. Gu said something once that I completely agree with. Would you like to know what she said, Mr. Cheng?”

“What did she say?” asked Cheng Jie patiently.

But Gu Juexi did not answer him. “Why don’t you ask Miss Liang? She should remember what Mrs. Gu said,” Gu Juexi replied with a laugh and Cheng Jie began to laugh loudly too.

“The good is strong, but evil is ten times stronger. Didn’t you lose to your own brother?” inquired Cheng Jie pleasantly.

Gu Juexi held Ye Yuwei’s hand tightly with one hand and swirled his wine with the other.

Ye Yuwei did not understand what they were saying but she could guess most of it—they held grudges against each other.

Gu Juexi was plotting something and so was Cheng Jie, but Gu Juexi was losing now. How could it be?

“Why are you so quiet, Mrs. Gu?” Cheng Jie asked suddenly.

“What do you want me to say? Thanks to eighteen generations of your ancestors?” Ye Yuwei sneered coldly.

The hand that was swirling Gu Juexi’s wine paused for a second at what Ye Yuwei said.

Someone had told him that the young mistress of the Gu family was a soft-spoken and polite woman. Is what Ye Yuwei said something a soft-spoken and polite woman would say?

Though he had to admit that Ye Yuwei conveyed her words magnificently because even Cheng Jie looked stunned.

The private room went silent for a second but Cheng Jie reacted quickly.

“I like your humor, Mrs. Gu. Come, try the dishes.” Cheng Jie laughed, gesturing at the food.

“Thanks, but I am afraid I might get poisoned,” Ye Yuwei said through gritted teeth.

Gu Juexi smiled in satisfaction at Ye Yuwei’s performance. Not the best, but acceptable and he was proud of it.

Cheng Jie’s expression became menacing at Ye Yuwei’s words, but she did not bat an eyelid and continued to stare at Cheng Jie, silently seething.

Gu Juexi gently put his wine glass on the table and helped Ye Yuwei up from her seat. “Pregnant women tend to be suspicious. Mr. Cheng, please don’t take it to heart. We will leave since my wife is worried. I will remember the lesson that Mr. Cheng has taught me.”

The sound of glass smashing came from the private room, right after Gu Juexi and Ye Yuwei left.

Feeling her palms become sweaty, Ye Yuwei let go of Gu Juexi’s hand right after they exited the room. Gu Juexi looked down at the hand that Ye Yuwei had let go of.

“What are you doing, Ye Yuwei?” asked Gu Juexi unhappily.

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that, Mr. Gu? What are you doing?” cried Ye Yuwei in frustration. “You’ve known Cheng Jie for so long now. You knew that he was plotting something and you were plotting something as well!” Ye Yuwei held in her sorrow and choked out, “Then again, who am I to Mr. Gu, for you to tell me anything?”