The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 331

Chapter 331: Its Not Too Late to Go to the Hospital Now

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Gu Juexi listened to Ye Yuwei quietly.

Ye Yuwei’s voice became miserable as she spoke and Gu Juexi’s face turned grim as he listened.

“Whatever happened has nothing to do with you,” said Gu Juexi defensively.

“Of course. Everything about you has nothing to do with me,” Ye Yuwei retorted sarcastically. “I’ll repeat it for you since you believe it so much: who can be spared from heaven’s reincarnation?” Ye Yuwei said coldly and turned to walk away.

“You are being unreasonable, Ye Yuwei,” Gu Juexi groaned and reached out to grab Ye Yuwei’s wrist.

Ye Yuwei turned back to look at Gu Juexi. “Don’t put feathers in your own cap, Mr. Gu. You don’t even deserve my unreasonableness,” replied Ye Yuwei tonelessly.

What happened between him and Cheng Jie made Ye Yuwei realize something: she never really knew this man. There would never be a place for her in his world, and he had every right to do as he wished without discussing it with anyone.

“Why can’t we live our own lives, Gu Juexi?” asked Ye Yuwei slowly, no emotions on her face.

Calmly, she told Gu Juexi that she wanted things between them to end, and that they live their respective lives.

Ye Yuwei’s emotionless reaction made Gu Juexi understand one thing—the thing that had been troubling him just disappeared. As if a hole was left in his heart and it made him feel empty.

Gu Juexi slowly let go of Ye Yuwei’s wrist and watched her turn around and leave.

‘Live their own lives.’

Gu Juexi clenched his fists.

‘So be it, we live our own lives.’

Why did she think that Cheng Jie was still at large if he did not really care about her?

Ye Yuwei left the hotel but could not really get away, not with Gu Juexi’s men following her.

“Mrs. Gu,” greeted one of the bodyguards as he opened the car door.

Ye Yuwei glanced at the bodyguard and got into the car quietly.

Meanwhile, Gu Juexi was still in the hotel making a phone call, and it was only an hour later when he finally left. Ye Yuwei did not look at him when he got into the car.

Gu Juexi looked away and said, “Forget our promise. We will divorce in two months.”

She wanted them to live their own lives, so be it.

Ye Yuwei looked at him in surprise. “Are you serious?” she asked.

“When did I ever lie to you?” Gu Juexi answered coldly, not looking at her, and then told the driver to start driving.

The driver did as he was told, and Gu Juexi leaned back against the seat and closed his eyes.

Ye Yuwei looked at him—the man that was almost a total stranger to her.

He said he had never lied to her.

Wasn’t that sentence itself the biggest lie? He once told her that he liked her.

“You can take the child,” said Gu Juexi, eyes still closed, “or if you don’t want the child, it is not too late to go to the hospital. Never mind what Auntie Mao said.”

Ye Yuwei rested her hands on her lap and looked at Gu Juexi in disbelief.

“I know what to do. It is none of your business,” said Ye Yuwei finally as she turned away and looked out the window.

The weather was still gloomy, much like her mood.