The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 333

Chapter 333: Crossing Ye Yuweis line (II)

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Gu Juexi spoke loudly to the old mistress without holding back, turning the atmosphere in the living room tenser.

“Calm down, Juexi, Grandma. I am sure there must be some misunderstanding, Yuwei is not that kind of person,” Bai Yuyan said quickly to calm the old mistress.

“Do shut up, there’s no need for an outsider like you to get involved in our family affairs,” Gu Juexi reprimanded Bai Yuyan sharply, then spoke to Ye Yuwei while still glaring at Bai Yuyan, “Go upstairs now, Ye Yuwei.”

“She is not going anywhere!” The old mistress got up from her chair and tapped her cane on the floor even harder. “It is stated clearly in the divorce papers, can’t you see what her intentions are?”

Ye Yuwei stared hard at the old mistress. She did not go upstairs but slowly walked toward the old mistress and blurted out, “You can tell me to my face if you are not happy with me Old Mistress, but why did you have to get Mom, who is unwell, involved and tell her about this when it was midnight in the United States?”

Gu Juexi was surprised at her words. He thought she was going to confront the old mistress about the divorce papers.

“To let her see your true colors,” sneered the old mistress, narrowing her eyes at Ye Yuwei.

Gu Juexi reached out and held Ye Yuwei’s arm but she flung his hand off immediately. “Don’t make it sound so great, Old Mistress. Do you really think everyone’s dying to get married into the Gu family? Mom was married into this family for over thirty years and what did she get? A husband who was hardly at home, an unconcerned mother-in-law, and a house that was always empty. How many times did anyone from the Gu family visit her after she fell sick?” Ye Yuwei demanded angrily.

Ye Yuwei’s furious voice echoed throughout the house and the old mistress began to tremble with rage.

“What else have you given her other than blame? Mom is a kind person, is that why you thought she deserved to be taken for granted by the oh-so-noble Gu family?”

“You…” Not being able to respond, the old mistress took a step back, finger pointed at Ye Yuwei.

“I am not her, so stop flaunting your superiority. I don’t give a damn about anything that belongs to the Gu family.” Ye Yuwei snarled then pointed to her stomach. “And that includes this bastard.”

Ye Yuwei turned around, about to leave.

“Where are you going?” Gu Juexi demanded as he grabbed Ye Yuwei’s wrist.

Ye Yuwei glared at Gu Juexi and jerked her hand away. “To the hospital, to abort this bastard so I don’t give birth to a disgusting human being like the people in this family,” Ye Yuwei said viciously, undisguised loathing in her voice.

“Ye Yuwei…” Gu Juexi raised his voice, his patience obviously wearing thin.

“Everyone in this family is just disgusting. Ask your grandmother, did it ever occur to her that it was midnight in the United States and that Mom was resting? And what was her attitude like when she talked to your ill mother? And the first time she called your mother since she got back here, was it to send her regards or to blame her for getting you a disgusting gold-digger wife?” Ye Yuwei threw questions at Gu Juexi as she pointed at the old mistress. “You might not feel sorry for your mother, but I do. You and everyone in this family are just cold-blooded and sick.”

Ye Yuwei was stepping backward while she spoke, as if even being in Gu Mansion grossed her out.