The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 334

Chapter 334: Its Going to Change

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Gu Juexi stood where he was and watched Ye Yuwei leave the house while the old mistress breathed hard on the couch, looking highly aggravated.

[You might not feel sorry for your mother, Gu Juexi, but I do. You and everyone in this family are just cold-blooded and sick.]

Gu Juexi clenched his fists tightly, body stiff in anger.

He could tell that Ye Yuwei was determined to leave the house this time, all because Grandma scolded Mom.

Besides Auntie Mao, Mom was Ye Yuwei’s only anchor, and Grandma scolding Mom was the last straw that had driven Ye Yuwei away.

“Happy now?” said Gu Juexi suddenly as he glared at the old mistress on the couch. “I guess you’re happy now, you can stay here as you wanted. I, Gu Juexi, have nothing to do with the Gu Family from today onward, and my mother will divorce Gu Mutian,” Gu Juexi declared coldly and whipped out his phone. “Wen Tao, draft a press release about my separation from the Gu family as soon as possible. I want to see it on the world news by this afternoon. Also, draft a divorce agreement for my parents and email it to my father.”

“Juexi, Juexi…” The old mistress was shocked at Gu Juexi’s words and tried to get up from the couch to persuade him to stay, but Gu Juexi had already left.

Bai Yuyan was surprised at what had happened too. None of them had expected that Wen Jie had been Ye Yuwei’s focus, and how extreme Ye Yuwei could become to defend the people she cared about. In disbelief, all she could do was absently comfort the furious old mistress.

Wen Tao was stunned too after the call ended. How had everything changed so quickly after they went to see Cheng Jie?

Of course, it was not a big deal that Mr. Gu wanted to separate from the Gu Family. After all, he had built up Gu Enterprise from nothing without any help from the Gu Family. But why were Mr. Gu’s parents involved?

“PA Wen?” Someone standing nearby called his name.

“It’s going to change…” PA Wen mumbled with the phone still in his hand.

“Do you mean the weather? I heard a storm is coming.”

PA sighed silently—he did not mean the weather.

“Look at the news, PA Wen!” The secretary-general exclaimed, bursting into the office.

PA Wen paused for a second and felt a headache begin to form. He took the phone and looked at the news.

[Shocking news: the wife of Gu Enterprise’s CEO will get maintenance of 100 billion after divorce.]

PA Wen cursed inwardly after reading the headline. As he scrolled down, he saw the copy of the divorce agreement that he had prepared for Gu Juexi and Ye Yuwei.

“Damn it!” PA Wen leaped out of his seat and cursed for the first time in the office. At the bottom of the news was the authenticity of the divorce agreement—footage of Gu Juexi’s personal assistant, PA Wen himself going into a printing shop to print the divorce papers.

PA Wen began to panic. “What is everyone doing? Block the news and get the lawyers to write to these media channels!”

PA Wen could feel sweat pouring down his back as he imagined what would happen when Gu Juexi and Xiao Yaojing saw the news.

As he was sinking deeper into his thoughts, PA Wen’s phone began to ring.