The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 336

Chapter 336: A Combination of Questions Rose One After Another

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As for him, this ‘sickness’ had been normal.

But this reality had now cost him his child.

“Ye Yuwei, prepare for surgery,” the nurse called out.

Ye Yuwei heard her name and her body trembled. Blood was drawn from her middle finger, causing a burning pain.

Ye Yuwei stood up but Gu Juexi was still lost in thought.

Ye Yuwei looked down at him, then strode over.

Gu Juexi laid back in his chair, his left hand tightly gripping his trembling right hand.

His phone rang and Gu Juexi mechanically took it out and answered the call.

“Fox, no information about Ye Shu could be found,” said the caller.

“This person seemed like someone who had never shown himself. I even visited his university and boarding school. Everyone seemed to have a recollection of this person, but nobody knew where he came from or where he went.”

Veins popped on the hand holding his phone. A tiny dent appeared on the back of his phone between his fingers.

“Check Bai Ying.”

Gu Juexi gave the caller another name.

If information about Ye Shu could not be found, there could only be two possibilities. The first was that he was no longer around, and all information about him had been wiped by someone else. The second was that he was someone from the Bai family.

If it were the second…

Gu Juexi grabbed his wrist with his other hand to stop himself from throwing his phone.

Ye Yuwei had disappeared through the operating room’s door, as cold as his heart.

Gu Juexi quickly got up and walked into the operating room.

Ye Yuwei had just laid down. The blood continued to drip down her finger, staining it red.

The bed in the operating room was cold. The tools were cold.

Even her body was cold.

Aunty Mao’s words still rang in her ears along with her mother-in-law’s.

But this child’s existence was not accepted. Even if she had given birth to the child, was it not enough for her to bear this indignity alone?

As the doctor arranged the operating tools, the nurse held the edges of her robe. Ye Yuwei’s heart roared in her chest like thunder, echoing the thunder outside.

“I—” Ye Yuwei suddenly spoke.


The operating room door burst open.

Ye Yuwei’s half reclined body had yet to react when she was pulled off the operating table by someone.

Gu Juexi entered without any explanation and dragged Ye Yuwei out of the room. As soon as they exited, they were surrounded by reporters.

Gu Juexi paused in his steps and automatically hid Ye Yuwei behind him.

“Mr. Gu, is the news true? Will the divorce give Mrs. Gu half of your total assets?”

“Mr. Gu, did you bring Mrs. Gu here for an abortion? Is Mrs. Gu’s child really not yours?”

Questions rose one after another.

Ye Yuwei stood behind Gu Juexi and stared at his tall figure.

By the time PA Wen arrived, reporters had surrounded the entrance of the operating room.

“Excuse me, excuse me, please let me through.”

PA Wen pushed the reporters aside with difficulty and eventually managed to reach Gu Juexi.

“Everyone, meals can be simply eaten, but words can’t be simply spoken. You still have time to retract your statements before karma finds you.”

“But it was said that the divorce papers were real. Wasn’t it you, PA Wen, who personally printed them out?”