The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 337

Chapter 337: Why?

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“The divorce papers clearly stated that the divorce of Mrs. Gu from Mr. Gu will give her half of his assets.”

PA Wen suddenly felt that his back was freezing.

“About this, the papers were just written after a squabble between Mr. Gu and Mrs. Gu. As a reporter, don’t you know that a divorce is only valid when it has been approved by the Civil Affairs Bureau?” PA Wen argued weakly.

“So PA Wen admits that these divorce papers do exist?” A reporter immediately questioned.


Bloody hell. One day for sure, he would murder these inhumane beings.

“Is the part about Mrs. Gu’s child not being Mr. Gu’s a fact too?” Another reporter asked even more bluntly.

The words had barely left the reporter’s mouth and PA Wen was just starting to smile though cursing in his heart when Gu Juexi lunged forward and slammed his fist into the reporter’s mouth.

That reporter cried out, the recorder in his hand falling to the ground. An empty space appeared around him in the crowd.

Gu Juexi’s punch had blood dripping from the reporter’s mouth. He had even lost a few teeth.

Gu Juexi retracted his hand and looked down at the reporter coldly.

“Watch your mouth. I don’t care about what you write about others and how you treat them, but do not try your schemes with me.”

Gu Juexi then turned around and dragged the still stunned Ye Yuwei away.

PA Wen was stunned speechless.


‘CEO, you’re being a knight in shining armor again.

‘But what did that sentence, “Don’t try your schemes with me” mean? Couldn’t you just say, “Don’t try your schemes with my wife”, or something gentlemanly like that?

‘Forget it, the emotionally challenged CEO wouldn’t understand.’

But at least he still knew how to stand up for the mistress and attack someone. That was good progress.

The news about Gu Juexi punching a reporter at the hospital instantly overshadowed the news about the divorce papers.

Gu Juexi had brought Ye Yuwei back to the car. The rain was pouring heavily outside and the raindrops splashed noisily against the car roof.

“You hit a reporter,” Ye Yuwei said in disbelief.

“I didn’t lose my memory in the process.”

Gu Juexi’s hands were around his neck as he watched the storm outside.


Ye Yuwei frowned and allowed the pain from her newly sealed wound to bring her back to her senses.

“Ye Yuwei, keep him,” Gu Juexi said suddenly without answering her question.

Her finger suddenly hurt again. When the nurse was about to open up her clothes, she was already regretting her decision.

As for Gu Juexi’s actions, it had made her think that maybe he really was changing.


“Why?” Ye Yuwei asked again. This wasn’t only for her previous question, it was also for the topic he had just brought up.

Ye Yuwei still stared at her finger. Her heart felt like it was being torn apart by a small, gentle hand. It did not hurt, but it was numb.

“I—” Gu Juexi started as if he wanted to say something important.

He wanted to say that he wanted them to live happily together, that he would promise to go home every day and would never allow his own child to live the kind of life he had.

But he could not make that promise.

If he did not return, how would Ye Yuwei raise a child alone?

And if Ye Shu was really—