The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 339

Chapter 339: Song Helian Got Caught

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The person whose hands and legs were chained to the stool was none other than Ye Shu, who had been imprisoned there for more than ten years. The Ye Shu who everyone thought was dead.

His lips curved slightly. He was dressed in a white collared shirt and western slacks. He straightened his back as he sat up on the stool, his smile somewhat sinister.

“The game isn’t over yet,” Ye Shu said cryptically. His chains clanged as he moved around.

“Even if you found my daughter, you won’t win against Gu Juexi.”

Cheng Jie burst into laughter. He walked around then placed his hands onto the table.

“Too bad Gu Juexi can only take care of himself right now, and that is all thanks to your beloved daughter.”

Ye Shu raised his hand and gently swept his long hair away from his forehead, revealing a slightly feminine face for a man.

He was paler than Ye Yuwei. The unhealthy kind of pale.

“The reason I didn’t kill you back then was all in preparation for today. I wanted you to witness for yourself how I’ll take this country’s money easily, because the person you trusted the most gave it to me personally,” Cheng Jie said slowly, word by word.

Ye Shu stretched his legs. The sound of his chains rang loudly.

He stayed calm. Compared to Cheng Jie’s agitation, he was as composed as ever.

“What you don’t know is Gu Juexi already knows Ye Yuwei’s identity. He even knows that back then, the person who caused the death of his comrades was you,” Cheng Jie declared proudly.

Ye Shu finally frowned.

“Cheng Jie, up until now, you’ve only said one thing that piqued my interest,” Ye Shu called out as he looked at the camera.

“A son-in-law like that is really something, don’t you think?”

“Ye Shu, I hope for your sake that you can laugh until the end.”

Cheng Jie was obviously aggravated by him.

“Of course I’ll laugh until the end. I’m afraid that you, who took over ten years to find my daughter, then needed another ten years after to find out the daughter we brought home after the fire was a fake one, will not be able to laugh until the end,” Ye Shu chuckled, waving the chains on his hand.

“This, I’ll let you keep it.”

Twenty-three years ago, Ye Yuwei was born.

But the Bai family back then was in a bad state. They could only painfully let their servants take Ye Yuwei away, to bring her to the place where Ye Shu was.

But Cheng Jie did not want to let their daughter off. He kept searching and eventually, to force their daughter out of hiding, set fire to the orphanage.

If not for Bai Yuyan who came into the picture due to her greed, they would have met their end early in Cheng Jie’s hands.

Too bad that Cheng Jie had only discovered this recently.

It was when Cheng Jie was about to work together with Gu Juexi that he saw Ye Yuwei.

That daughter who looked almost exactly like Ye Shu.

Cheng Jie watched Ye Shu smile mockingly at him. He threw the remote control at the TV screen and watched it turned black.

Cheng Jie was fuming. The bodyguard beside him received a call and passed it to Cheng Jie.

“It’s Mike.”

Cheng Jie recollected himself and took the phone.

“Master Cheng, Song Helian came to look for Yu Jiangqing,” Mike said over the phone.

Cheng Jie heard this and his lips curved into a wicked smile. He had come at the right time.

His anger had settled down too.

“What did Yu Jiangqing do?”

“It was already removed,” Mike answered over the phone.

“It was the disguise, he mistook Yu Jiangqing as you.”

“Tell Yu Jiangqing to bring Song Helian to me,” Cheng Jie ordered menacingly.

He wanted to see whether Yu Jiangqing would actually bring him over.