The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 340

Chapter 340: Please Bring Song Helian Over

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Gu Juexi picked up the call when he was still at the entrance of the hospital. Yu Jiangqing’s words made him curse.

“Damn it, didn’t I ask you to keep a close eye on him?” Gu Juexi roared. The car shook at his outburst, his rage was clearly out of control.

Ye Yuwei flinched and turned to look at Gu Juexi.

“Gu, we have to bring our plans forward. I’m worried Lao Bao may lose his life if I bring him over,” Yu Jiangqing said carefully, seeming to understand what a dangerous position he was in. “If I don’t bring him, Cheng Jie might suspect me.”

Gu Juexi glanced at Ye Yuwei. Ye Yuwei stared back and saw Gu Juexi extend his hand. Instinct made her want to avoid him but right after, she drifted off to sleep, leaning against the backrest.

Seeing Ye Yuwei fall asleep, Gu Juexi started the car engine and drove away from the hospital, still on the phone.

“Song brought this upon himself. We have to send him,” Gu Juexi bit out and fought the urge to threw his phone out of the car.

He knew Song Helian’s rash and impulsive behavior would get him into trouble sooner or later.

Song Helian was now a pawn in Cheng Jie’s chess game.

But Bo Shen Enterprise had not yet reached a point of no return.

Gu Juexi looked at the snoozing Ye Yuwei and became sulkier.

Meanwhile, Yu Jiangqing was sitting at the balcony and watching the thunderstorm.

Mike came out from the washroom and looked at him, hesitating before walking over. “CEO Cheng invited you to go there.”

Yu Jiangqing did not have his mask on and so he was identified as himself.

“CEO Cheng has finally decided to meet me?” Yu Jiangqing lips curved into a wicked smile. “He isn’t afraid I’ll destroy him?”

Mike’s expression didn’t falter as he firmly replied, “CEO Cheng is waiting for you. Please bring Song Helian.”

Mike observed Yu Jiangqing’s reaction.

However, Yu Jiangqing only cast him a disdainful look.

The man stood up, put his hands in his pockets and barked, “Let’s go.”

Mike sidestepped smoothly as Yu Jiangqing strode past him.

Gu Juexi brought Ye Yuwei back to her apartment and carried her into the bedroom before going to the balcony with his laptop. He switched it on and was pleased to see that he had received the information he had requested earlier.

Bai Ying did not hold much power in the Bai family as all the decisions are made by Cheng Jie. However, there was a will in her possession that will be able to decide if Cheng Jie could openly succeed Old Master Bai’s empire.

Cheng Jie detested Bai Ying because of the will and yet he still could not silence her.

The location of the will was unknown and when Bai Ying passes away, nobody knew if the will would be made public. If that happened, all Cheng Jie’s hard work over the years would amount to nothing.

Old Master Bai had a lot of loyal subordinates. When he passed away, they supported Bai Ying who was helpless, hence the wait for the announcement of the will before the confirmation of the successor.