The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 344

Chapter 344: Head to Gu Mansion

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When Wen Jie heard Gu Juexi’s voice, she opened her eyes and struggled to get up.

“Mom,” Gu Jue said hurriedly and carefully helped Wen Jie sit up.

“How come you arrived so quickly—were you speeding?” Wen Jie asked her son disapprovingly even though her eyes shone with affection, indicating that she had missed him.

Gu Juexi draped the shawl over Wen Jie’s shoulders and helped her stand. “No, there are not many cars on the road at this time. Why didn’t you call me before you came?”

“Your grandma was very angry. I came over right after her call and didn’t even have time to tell you. How about Wei Wei, is she alright?” Wen Jie’s voice was full of concern for Ye Yuwei as she supported herself against her son’s arm and walked out.

Gu Juexi paused as he recalled Ye Yuwei’s accusation against his grandmother — that she only thought about blaming his mother but never asked if she was getting better, and didn’t even consider that it would be midnight in the United States when she called. Once the flight reached this country, it would already be the middle of the night. His grandmother would be making his mother rush about excessively.

“She’s alright, was still sleeping when I left. I will take you back first,” Gu Juexi said, helping Wen Jie get into the car. “Auntie Yuan, there’s a blanket in the backseat. Please help take it for my mother.”

Wen Jie got into the car. Although it was summer, the air conditioner in the car was set to a high temperature. She was worried that it had been switched on since he got out of the car earlier. She did not know whether she would cause trouble for them with her health in this state —it still had caused them trouble in the past after all.

“Mom,” Gu Juexi started hesitantly, putting a blanket over Wen Jie’s knees. He sighed then murmured, “I’ve asked Wen Tao to send a divorce agreement to Gu Tianmu.”

Wen Jie’s expression changed.

Gu Juexi straightened his back and looked at Wen Jie, who had turned pale. “Mom, he is not worth it.”

Gu Juexi’s tone was serious.

He had always thought that whatever Dad did was right, but Ye Yuwei’s behavior had shown him that if he was not worth a woman’s pure love and attention…

Then his father was also not worthy of it.

Wen Jie’s lips trembled and tears welled up in her eyes as she watched Gu Juexi close the car door.

Xiao Yuan took out a tissue and handed it to Wen Jie, who reached out and took it.

Gu Juexi started the car’s engine and continued, “I think he will receive it soon. Though you leave Gu Tianmu, you will still have me.”

Wen Jie had been crying, but she suddenly smiled.

She leaned back against the car seat and looked at Gu Juexi drive. “Wei Wei has really changed you. From the beginning, I knew that this girl would be able to change you.”

Gu Jue paused but didn’t speak.

It was after the car had traveled some distance that Wen Jie looked outside. “Are we not heading back to Gu Mansion?”

“Well, Ye Yuwei and I are now living in the apartment. Grandma is still in Gu Mansion,” Gu Juexi stated matter-of-factly.

“Take me to Gu Mansion. There are some things I need to say to your grandmother,” Wen Jie said determinedly. “I know better than anyone just what kind of person Weiwei is; your grandmother had no right to insult her like that.”

Gu Juexi still did not change the direction of the car. “Grandma won’t listen to anyone right now, why would you go and let yourself be insulted?”

Xiao Yuan took out a bottle of water, unscrewed the cap and handed it to Wen Jie. “Mistress, drink some water first.”

Wen Jie dismissed it with a wave of her hand, still leaning back against the car seat.

“Mom, perhaps we should take you to the hospital,” Gu Juexi said worriedly.

Wen Jie shook her head. “Take me to Gu Mansion first.”

“Mom, it’s late now. Grandma will be resting.”

“Head to Gu Mansion,” Wen Jie said firmly.