The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 345

Chapter 345: Because He Liked That Woman

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Gu Juexi frowned, looking at Wen Jie’s stern expression in the rearview mirror.

Finally, he nodded and made a turn at the next intersection.

Wen Jie closed her eyes and let out a soft sigh. “Mommy wants to know what you think about the situation between you and Wei Wei.”

Gu Juexi hesitated for a moment. “She insisted on a divorce.”

Perhaps because it was Wen Jie who asked, Gu Juexi’s voice held a trace of sadness. Although he concealed it well, Wen Jie could still hear it.

“Do you think that she shouldn’t have?” Wen Jie let out a breath slowly. “Mommy wants to ask you, how many times have you spoken to her in the past three years? If it wasn’t because of me, would you have hated her so much?”

“I’m busy; she knew it would be like this before she got married to me,” Gu Juexi said defensively.

Wen Jie listened to him and smiled. “My silly son, if that is so, are you not busy now? Why does your life revolve around Wei Wei every day now?”

“I—” Gu Juexi wanted to deny it, but did not expect the question and found he did not have an answer for it either.

‘My life revolves around Ye Yuwei?’

Because he liked that woman.

But that woman did not believe him.

“Because she is pregnant,” Gu Juexi eventually responded.

“Juexi, human beings are living creatures that connect with each other by a heart-to-heart exchange. Once a person’s heart has turned cold, there’s nothing you can do to make it warm again,” Wen Jie said desperately.

[Once a person’s heart has turned cold, there’s nothing you can do to make it warm again.]

It sounded just like the cold Ye Yuwei now.

Gu Juexi did not say anything else. Wen Jie coughed a few times then slowly closed her eyes. “Fine, fine. It’s Mommy’s fault. It’s all Mommy’s fault.”

“Mom, what are you saying?” Gu Juexi said with a frown.

Wen Jie smiled bitterly. “If it wasn’t for me, at least there would be another person in this world who loves my son more than I do. But I have personally ruined her.”

“Mom, Ye Yuwei, she’s just—” Gu Juexi wanted to say that she was just a woman, but he stopped himself.

Because he himself understood that Ye Yuwei was no longer ‘just a woman’ to him.

The car arrived at Gu Mansion. Xiao Yuan got out of the car first, walked over to the other side and helped Wen Jie to get down.

“It’s okay, you go back. I will stay here,” Wen Jie said and waved her hand dismissively at her son. “Wei Wei mustn’t be left alone. You go back and take care of her.”

Gu Juexi helped Wen Jie into the house and did not respond. “Butler Kim, Butler Kim—”

Butler Kim rushed out of his room. When he saw Wen Jie, he froze for a moment. “Mistress?” Butler Kim said, still a little shocked. ‘How come she came over in the middle of the night?’

“Butler Kim, I haven’t seen you in a long time.” Wen Jie smiled as she greeted him though her face was extremely pale.

Butler Kim sighed helplessly. ‘Mistress is still recuperating from a serious illness and yet Madame Gu still told her to come.’

“I will go tidy up the room for you. You should rest first, Madame Gu is asleep right now,” Butler Kim said hurriedly.

“Butler Kim, I will go tidy up Mistress’ room. Please contact Doctor Qiu and ask him to come over and stay here for a few days,” Xiao Yuan said hastily.

Gu Juexi helped Wen Jie sit down. He did not object to Xiao Yuan’s suggestion.

Butler Kim instantly complied and called Doctor Qiu.

“Mom, you should rest for a while,” Gu Juexi said gently and asked Auntie Qian to prepare some food.

“Don’t waste time; it’s already the middle of the night,” Wen Jie said firmly as she held her son’s hand. “Go back.”