The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 346

Chapter 346: Mother-in-Law's First Counterattack

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The moment Auntie Qian heard people, she rushed out. She was also stunned to see Wen Jie. She didn’t think Madame Gu would actually call her over.

Auntie Qian dutifully complied, sighing as she went into the kitchen to prepare nutritious food for Mistress’s health. When she saw her complexion, she realized that Mistress’s hospitalization must have taken a huge toll on her body this time.

It was no wonder the young mistress had gotten so angry and used such harsh words when she heard that Madame Gu had called Mistress to come over.

Even as outsiders they felt distressed for Madam when they saw her.

From upstairs, Bai Yuyan had heard the noise and got out of bed to go downstairs. “Butler Kim, what’s with all this ruckus in the middle of the night?” Bai Yuyan said in irritation, sounding like the mistress of the house who had just been disturbed.

When Gu Juexi heard her, rage overwhelmed him and he shot to his feet.

Wen Jie reached out to grip Gu Juexi’s arm, motioning for him to remain calm.

“It seems I have disturbed Miss Bai’s rest. My mistake.” Wen Jie’s voice was slightly hoarse but it definitely sounded like she was mocking Bai Yuyan.

Bai Yuyan had reached the last step when she heard Wen Jie’s voice, and she hesitated before quickly changing her expression. “Oh, it is you who have come, Auntie. I am sorry, Auntie, I didn’t know that you came. How could you be bothering me? I am the one who has bothered you.”

“How rare that even with her thick skin, Miss Bai is aware that she’s being a bother to others.” Wen Jie watched Bai Yuyan as she walked over, and the corner of her lips twitched slightly. “My relationship with Miss Bai is not that close. Please refrain from calling me ‘Auntie’ and making it sound so nice. Kindly refer to me as ‘Mistress Gu’. ”

Bai Yuyan, ruthlessly slain by Wen Jie’s sharp words, bit her lower lip and appeared aggrieved.

Wen Jie stood up and Gu Juexi hastily held her up her by the arm.

“Auntie, I—”


Bai Yuyan didn’t even finish speaking when Wen Jie slapped her across the face. “I said don’t call me ‘Auntie’, can’t you understand simple language? Bai Yuyan, you weren’t even born yet when I was dealing with aristocratic families. Don’t try these crafty tricks of yours with me.”

Wen Jie might have been ill, but at that moment her intimidating aura was enough to silence Bai Yuyan.

Bai Yuyan held a hand against her cheek as she looked at Wen Jie with teary eyes.

Auntie Qian who had been preparing a meal in the kitchen heard what had happened outside and loudly said, “Serves her right.”

Gu Juexi just looked on coldly.

He thought to himself that if only Ye Yuwei had even an iota of his mother’s imposing manner, she definitely would not have been bullied.

“I don’t care who you had to curry favor with to enter my house. If you want to continue staying here, please be more conscious of your position. The Gu family doesn’t need an outsider like you giving orders. As a guest, you should have manners befitting one,” Wen Jie said icily, then turned to Gu Juexi. “Bring me to my room. Seeing trash like this disgusts me.”

Bai Yuyan’s face had become exceedingly pale.

Gu Juexi hurriedly helped Wen Jie go upstairs, leaving Bai Yuyan standing alone in the living room and covering her cheek with one hand. The expression in her eyes slowly changed from sorrow to hate.

She would have her revenge for that slap sooner or later.

After Wen Jie entered her room, Gu Juexi helped her sit down at the edge of the bed. “Mom, your health isn’t good. Getting angry at that kind of trash isn’t worth it.”

“Why did you let Bai Yuyan live here?” Wen Jie asked with a sigh. “Mommy knows that you don’t feel anything for her. You let her live here at home, how do you think Wei Wei feels about it?”

“She doesn’t care,” Gu Juexi said instantly as he thought of Ye Yuwei’s coldness lately.