The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 349

Chapter 349: Gained His Trust

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“Come now, don’t rush out of here. I must thank you for getting Gu Juexi in the same boat as me,” Cheng Jie said pleasantly, asking Mike to take the wine.

Yu Jiangqing turned to look at Cheng Jie, lips curved into a smile.

“Mr. Cheng, I’m doing this because I hate Gu Juexi. As you know, I hate you too.”

Cheng Jie burst out laughing at his words.

“Mr. Yu, I really like your straightforwardness. Do you really want to end all this after you take revenge on Gu Juexi?” Cheng Jie inquired lightly.

“Mr. Cheng, you still have my comrades’ blood on your hands. Since we’ve got what we need now, I don’t think we need to work together anymore,” Yu Jiangqing concluded and turned to leave, a mysterious smile on his face.

Hearing this, Cheng Jie’s brows knitted.

Cheng Jie could never read Yu Jiangqing. It seemed as if the only reason Yu Jiangqing worked with him was to take revenge on Gu Juexi. Since he had involved Gu Juexi in the money laundering, he had finally got what he wanted.

However, having worked with Yu Jiangqing for years, he knew he was immensely talented. Now was the time to rise up against Bai Ying. Cheng Jie needed talent like that.

“Mr. Yu, please stay,” Cheng Jie called out to Yu Jiangqing suddenly.

“Is there anything else, Mr. Cheng?” Yu Jiangqing paused at the door and turned to look at Cheng Jie slowly.

Cheng Jie squinted at Yu Jiangqing, sizing him up. Yu Jiangqing had a constant taunting expression since Song Helian was whipped. If Yu Jiangqing was disguising other motives, he was truly a master in acting. But if he really was on his side, then Yu Jiangqing was truly a talent.

“Since it’s late, why don’t you stay here tonight? I want to show you a place tomorrow,” Cheng Jie urged.

“Mr. Cheng, I don’t want to stay with someone who doesn’t trust me. I don’t want to lose my life.” Leaning against the door, Yu Jiangqing stared at Cheng Jie with a fake smile.

“Mr. Yu must be joking. If I didn’t trust you, I would not meet you today. Mike, take Mr. Yu to the guest room,” Cheng Jie ordered, turning to look at Mike.

“Mr. Yu, please come with me.” Mike merely nodded and walked out with Yu Jiangqing.

Yu Jiangqing smirked as he realized that he had gained Cheng Jie’s trust. He slid his hands into his pocket as he walked after Mike.

“Boss, can we trust him?” The woman standing next to Cheng Jie asked anxiously.

“My adoptive father’s memorial is in a few days. I don’t care if Bai Ying takes the will out, I will head the Bai Family. Yu Jiangqing’s ruthlessness is what I need to achieve that. Tell Mike to keep an eye on him tonight. If you have anything else to say, we will talk about it tomorrow,” Cheng Jie said as he got to his feet.


It was seven fifteen in the morning when Ye Yuwei woke up to a rainy summer day. She did not get out of bed, just stared up at the ceiling. She only regained her focus when someone knocked at the door.

“Ye Yuwei, wake up now. We need to go back to Gu Mansion,” Gu Juexi called out to Ye Yuwei as he stood by the door. He seemed to be in a good mood today. At the very least, he did not shout at her.

Ye Yuwei did not respond. She did not want to go to Gu Mansion.

Leaning against the door, Gu Juexi stared at the ground. He did not say anything else.

She had such a bad attitude. Those who said she was polite were truly blind.

“Mom arrived here yesterday. She is staying at Gu Mansion now,” Gu Juexi said finally.