The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 353

Chapter 353: Wen Jies Second Retaliation

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“Yuyan is my guest,” Madame Gu spoke in a low voice.

“She is just a guest then, isn’t she? As a guest, she must recognize our privileges and rights as hosts. When did that change?” Wen Jie asked pleasantly.

“Ye Yuwei is still my daughter-in-law until the divorce. Don’t you agree?”

Madame Gu’s hands shook in anger; she did not know how to respond.

Meanwhile, Gu Juexi started eating. Evidently his mood had improved.

“I heard about what happened to Miss Bai’s office. I wonder why Weiwei is to be blamed for adhering to the loan approval procedures and the torn down building. Miss Bai is truly a master in framing others.” Wen Jie sneered.

“No—” Bai Yuyan answered quickly, she wanted to tell Wen Jie that she did not destroy the building. However, when her eyes met Wen Jie’s penetrating gaze, the words died on her tongue.

Gu Juexi snorted, raising his head. He would definitely not admit that he was the person behind it.

“Wen Jie, what do you mean?” Madame Gu asked suspiciously.

“Mom, you truly don’t understand? Miss Bai holds a grudge against Weiwei for rejecting her loan. She knows that you slapped Ye Yuwei, so she destroyed her own office and put the blame on Weiwei to make it look like Weiwei took revenge on her,” Wen Jie answered nonchalantly as she put food into Ye Yuwei’s bowl.

“Weiwei, eat more. Be cautious next time and don’t keep quiet if you’re being bullied. An eye for an eye. Even though you can’t bite back after a dog bites you, you can still throw a stool at it.” Wen Jie’s tone was casual but her words were vicious, not resembling a noblewoman in the slightest.

Spluttering in rage, Bai Yuyan’s hands trembled. She did not know how to respond. Wen Jie was far beyond what she could handle.

Ye Yuwei nodded, in awe of Wen Jie’s reaction. Wen Jie could dominate the whole discussion while remaining calm and composed. Ye Yuwei was so weak in comparison.

Madame Gu got up without finishing her food. Bai Yuyan reached out to hold Madame Gu’s arms but the old lady shrugged her hands off and walked up the stairs.

Wen Jie continued eating, indifferent. It was a complete victory for Wen Jie. Ye Yuwei raised her head and her eyes met Gu Juexi’s disdainful gaze.

Bai Yuyan still stood there, dumbfounded.

“Why are you still here? Don’t annoy my grandchild,” Wen Jie chided bluntly.

Ye Yuwei was speechless. She finally realized that Gu Juexi’s wicked tongue was actually inherited.

Bai Yuyan’s pale face turned red and she left.

Only after Madame Gu and Bai Yuyan left did Wen Jie turn to Ye Yuwei.

“Stop being kind to those who do not deserve it. When someone dislikes you, they will only hurt you mercilessly. Why should you care for them?”