The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 355

Chapter 355: Stop the Nonsense

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“Ye Yuwei has had enough and wants to leave him,” Wen Jie said, coughing.

“Madam, don’t worry about this. Let them settle it themselves. Your priority now is to take care of your health,” Xiao Yuan urged, patting Wen Jie’s back gently.

“I’m alright, go back to your work. If Gu Tianmu asks for me, tell him I am resting,” Wen Jie said wearily.

“Sure.” Xiao Yuan helped Wen Jie sit down on the sofa, sighed and instructed a few servants to clean the dining hall.

When Ye Yuwei walked down the stairs, Wen Jie was looking through a photo album. Gu Juexi was not around.

“Mom,” Ye Yuwei called out to Wen Jie in a soft voice.

“Weiwei, come here.” Wen Jie forced a smiled and waved at Ye Yuwei.

Sitting next to Wen Jie, Ye Yuwei looked at the photos. They were all of Gu Juexi when he was young. There was a photo of a little boy standing at the door with a toy car in his hands, looking like he was waiting for someone to come back.

Ye Yuwei remembered Aunty Mao saying that when Gu Juexi was little, he had always been waiting for his father to return. However, just like Ye Yuwei had waited for Gu Juexi, it had never happened.

Wen Jie closed the album, she did not want Ye Yuwei to see it.

“Gu Juexi has gone out. Don’t worry, I will ask him to settle the divorce when he gets back,” Wen Jie promised, as if she could read Ye Yuwei’s mind.

“Before this, I thought it would be good for Juexi if I didn’t leave Gu Tianmu. Only now do I realize that it was a huge mistake. Don’t worry, I understand your feelings. I will end this.” Wen Jie put the album aside and gripped Ye Yuwei’s hands.

Ye Yuwei looked down at Wen Jie’s fair and soft hands, gratitude blooming in her heart.

“Weiwei, you have to remember that as long as you don’t do anything wrong to others, you don’t have to blame yourself. Do you hear me?” Wen Jie knew what had happened to her lately and she was sure that Ye Yuwei was framed.

“Sure, Mom.” Ye Yuwei agreed softly.

Wen Jie merely nodded and talked to Ye Yuwei about current events. Bai Yuyan was standing at the staircase, eavesdropping on the whole conversation. Her gaze was cold.

Meanwhile, Gu Juexi had not slacked off after leaving Gu Mansion. Yu Jiangqing was waiting for him in the apartment.

When he reached the apartment, it was covered in darkness. PA Wen and Yu Jiangqing were waiting in the living hall.

“CEO,” PA Wen called out to Gu Juexi, standing up.

“Where did he bring you today?” Gu Juexi nodded slightly and sat down, facing Yu Jiangqing.

“A place that you could never imagine.” Yu Jiangqing leaned forward with one hand on his knee and quickly changed the topic.

“What happened to you and Ye Yuwei? You don’t look right lately and I am afraid it may affect our plan. Or should I say, if it had something to do with Ye Yuwei, it will surely affect our plan.”

“Stop this nonsense. Tell me now,” Gu Juexi said menacingly. He did not want to talk about Ye Yuwei.