The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 356

Chapter 356: Because You Care About Ye Yuwei

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He would delay their plans because of Ye Yuwei? What nonsense.

Yu Jiangqing didn’t comment on Gu Juexi’s denial and sank back into his chair. “You won’t believe who I saw today,” Yu Jiangqing said airily.

“Ye Shu,” replied Gu Juexi emotionlessly.

“Holy shit, how did you know?” exclaimed Yu Jiangqing in surprise, looking at Gu Juexi as if he could read minds.

“Cheng Jie has brought up Ye Shu more than once. He wouldn’t have done that if the man was already dead,” concluded Gu Juexi while leaning back in his chair. “And?”

“And unfortunately, I don’t quite believe that two people who are supposedly unrelated could look so alike. Especially when one is a man and the other is a woman,” retorted Yu Jiangqing, steepling his fingers and staring hard at Gu Juexi as if to say, ‘you know what I mean, right?’

Gu Juexi held his gaze tiredly. He knew. He knew all this while that Ye Yuwei was the biological daughter of Ye Shu.

“Even more unfortunate is that Ye Shu admitted he sold Cheng Jie out,” Yu Jiangqing shrugged and continued, “he sold Cheng Jie out while he was in sound mind. And we lost our brothers after that.”

“But Ye Shu and Cheng Jie stood against each other,” argued Gu Juexi.

Yu Jiangqing shrugged again but did not deny what Gu Juexi said.

“There is something else you should know. The wife of Ye Shu – Bai Ying, has been trying to get rid of Cheng Jie, and Ye Shu was most probably trying to use us to do that. If that is true…”

PA Wen let out a little cough before Yu Jiangqing could finish, and quickly offered to get them water when Yu Jiangqing frowned at him. He then got up and went to the pantry.

If what Master Yu said was true and Ye Shu did use Mr. Gu and his comrades in the army to get rid of Cheng Jie, Ye Shu should be the one that they take revenge against.

At the same time, Ye Shu could very well be Ye Yuwei’s father.

Yu Jiangqing looked at PA Wen with a faint smile, realizing his deduction.

“See? Even PA Wen got the picture. I know you got it too, but can you still look at it and deal with it rationally?” asked Yu Jiangqing.

“And why would I not be able to do so?”

“Because you care about Ye Yuwei.”


The man answered without thinking, and it had Yu Jiangqing feeling doubtful. To be more specific, it had Yu Jiangqing feeling that Gu Juexi could not be believed at all.

PA Wen came out from the pantry with glasses of water, put one in front of Gu Juexi and handed another one to Yu Jiangqing with his expression asking, ‘do you see now how good this man is at deceiving himself and others?’

Yu Jiangqing took over the glass and raised his brows, silently responding, ‘a fact that has never been approached and will never be approached.’

PA Wen sat back down in the single seater sofa.

“The diamond project is ongoing but slow. We need to shorten the duration to an unknown period, depending on how soon Cheng Jie will lay his hands on Chief Song. My concern is that it might alert Cheng Jie if we shorten the duration for no reason,” PA Wen said carefully.

Gu Juexi’s face darkened when Song Helian was brought up, and Yu Jiangqing didn’t dare say anything when it came to him because it had been his omission which had put them in this defensive position.