The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 358

Chapter 358: So Hurtful

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Due to Song Helian getting captured, nobody could predict when their battle would begin.

No one could tell when Cheng Jie would take action. It could be in the next two days or a lot later.

PA Wen could feel Gu Juexi’s tension during the entire journey back. In actual fact, the war was already on the verge of breaking out the moment Song Helian got caught, and the next move now fell into Cheng Jie’s hands.

Meanwhile, Wen Jie who was not feeling quite well had fallen asleep in Gu Mansion.

On the way back to her room, Ye Yuwei bumped into Bai Yuyan who was leaning against the wall, arms crossed and a smug smile on her face. She could not be bothered to entertain Bai Yuyan and went into her room without looking at Bai Yuyan twice.

She didn’t have a lot of things in the house. She dragged the luggage bag that Butler Kim brought out of the wardrobe and began to pack.

The first thing that Gu Juexi saw when he reached home was Ye Yuwei packing her things and he began to feel an overwhelming anger.

Losing his calm, Gu Jeuxi walked towards Ye Yuwei, grabbed her wrist tightly and flung her onto the bed.

The signs of Ye Yuwei leaving made Gu Juexi anxious and unable to calm down.

“What are you doing?”

Gu Juexi pinned Ye Yuwei’s wrists to the bed before she could get up.

Gu Juexi gave in to all the anger that he had been suppressing when he saw what Ye Yuwei was doing, and Ye Yuwei’s indifferent attitude gave him feelings he couldn’t explain. Unexplainable, but they were awful.

He used to be her everything, but now he had been excluded from her life entirely.

“Do I have to inform you of everything I do, Gu Juexi? Do you inform me of everything you do? The only reason we are still together is because the divorce papers are not notarized yet,” Ye Yuwei snapped as her wrists began to hurt.

She and Gu Juexi belonged to different worlds after all.

But Gu Juexi did not seem to hear her and gripped her chin, snarling softly into her face, “And you remain Mrs. Gu for as long as the papers are unnotarized.”

Even if the divorce papers were to be notarized tomorrow, Ye Yuwei would still be his wife for today. She had to wait until then if she wanted to leave.

Before Ye Yuwei could respond, Gu Juexi was kissing her lips.

No, this was more bite than kiss.

Gu Juexi took the chance to deepen the kiss when Ye Yuwei whimpered in pain. It was a kiss so long and passionate that Ye Yuwei’s tongue began to feel numb, but she was not strong enough to push Gu Juexi away.

What was worse was the thin summer clothes that she was wearing. It didn’t take long until the sound of fabric tearing filled the air, and Ye Yuwei began to struggle and push at the man above her aggressively.

But Gu Juexi did not even move and continued kissing Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei’s mind was filled with emotions she couldn’t explain – shame, fear, or something else? She couldn’t tell.

“Gu Juexi.” Ye Yuwei tried to turn away but it only made him grasp her chin harder and continue kissing her.

The atmosphere became strange.