The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 359

Chapter 359: So What Should He Do?

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Ye Yuwei tried to break free from Gu Juexi but could not, and her body became even tenser as she clenched her fists.

Meanwhile, Gu Juexi who was already angry became even angrier when Ye Yuwei appeared unconcerned and neglected him on purpose.

This woman used to keep her eyes glued to him and that is how it should be.

Gu Juexi’s hands tightened on her wrists. She used to dream about him coming back home and showing affection to her, but all the things that she used to pray for now disgusted her.

Maybe she was just a tool for him to vent his feelings, like what he was doing now.

Ye Yuwei gave up struggling when she realized she was not going to succeed. Gu Juexi kissed her lips, slowly moving down to her neck that had a slight sheen of sweat.

Ye Yuwei stared at the ceiling blankly. “Will you let me go if I stop struggling?” asked Ye Yuwei softly, emotionlessly.

Gu Juexi heard her and paused somewhere near her chest, where he was drowning in a soap-like scent. He couldn’t identify the brand but it was a pleasant smell.

If possible, he would do anything to keep himself alive. And if he succeeded, he would do anything to keep this woman by his side, even if he had to hold her captive.

But he couldn’t really guarantee if he would survive their plans. So how could he guarantee staying by her side?

Gu Juexi looked down at the woman under him, her glossy hair wild and dark eyes staring blankly into space. He didn’t let go of her wrists.

[Can I… Sir, can I have your autograph?]

The girl who looked up to him in the auditorium of a university years ago was not like this. She shouldn’t be like this.

Gu Juexi sat upright suddenly and glared at the woman who was now panting softly. “I will divorce you without you begging me, Ye Yuwei. Do you really think I, Gu Juexi, can’t live without you?” Gu Juexi asked mockingly and left the room.

Ye Yuwei closed her eyes. Gu Juexi’s words hurt, and the pain worsened as a tear ran down her face. She continued to lie in bed as Gu Juexi went into the bathroom.

He would be better off without her. She knew this all along, had known it since three years ago.

So why did he have to stress it to her?

Gu Juexi went into the bathroom, put his hands on the glass countertop and stared at himself in the mirror. Suddenly, he cursed and swept Ye Yuwei’s things off the countertop onto the floor.

[If you ever make a wrong decision because of Ye Yuwei, then Helian was right – Ye Yuwei was the biggest failure of your whole life.]


Ye Yuwei obviously made him lose his cool and he couldn’t deny that.

But the war was near and their future was uncertain.

So what should he do?

Ye Yuwei dusted herself off when she heard Gu Juexi showering in the bathroom and noticed that her clothes were torn. She smiled bitterly, changed into different clothes and continued to pack.

She couldn’t stand it at this place anymore, not even for another second.

Butler Kim stood at the door and watched Ye Yuwei packing her things, wanting desperately to say something. But he kept quiet without saying anything and went to Wen Jie’s room.