The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 360

Chapter 360: He Was Too Afraid to Even Make Her Stay

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Wen Jie who had just woken up heard what Butler Kim said and gestured for him to leave. “Let them be. I am so tired of patching things up for them.”

Butler Kim let out a long sigh and left Wen Jie’s room.

Meanwhile, Ye Yuwei had finished packing and was carrying her luggage to the door.

“Young Mistress,” Butler Kim called out in bewilderment from the door.

“Mom must be resting so I won’t disturb her. Please tell Mom that I have left, Butler Kim,” Ye Yuwei said with a sad smile.

Butler Kim let out another sigh as he watched Ye Yuwei refuse his help and go down the stairs with her luggage.

Butler Kim knew their young mistress had left for good this time, but there was no sign of their young master making an effort to make her stay.

It was just as what mistress said: the young mistress would leave for real this time.

Ye Yuwei reached downstairs and saw Bai Yuyan standing at the door.

Bai Yuyan saw Ye Yuwei too, and said smugly, “I said you would have to leave this place sooner or later, Ye Yuwei.”

Ye Yuwei looked directly into Bai Yuyan’s eyes and replied with a smile, “I will wait for the day when you marry into Gu Family. I seem to remember that Gu Juexi is rude and mean to you. You should pray that the old mistress lives a long life or even your thick skin won’t be able to protect you against Gu Juexi’s sharp tongue.”

“Ye Yuwei, you…”

“That was just a gentle reminder. Stay close and take good care of the coattail you are riding on. You will lose your backup if anything happens to the old mistress,” Ye Yuwei said pleasantly, putting her luggage down and pulling out the handle. “The matron once said that God is watching from above, Bai Yuyan. They are all watching you.”

Ye Yuwei watched Bai Yuyan’s face instantly turned pale and felt her mood improve.

“Don’t get too excited yet, Ye Yuwei. You are nothing without the Gu Family as your background,” hissed Bai Yuyan cruelly.

Ye Yuwei smiled, looked at the massive Gu Mansion and then back at Bai Yuyan. “Good luck,” Ye Yuwei merely said.

Ye Yuwei took her luggage then turned to look at Bai Yuyan again. “I have to warn you, Bai Yuyan. You will get caught someday, somehow, if you keep doing it. You better pray that I don’t get the evidence or I will make you the second Yu Sha’er with or without Gu Juexi.”

Bai Yuyan’s face lost all the color it had.

“We don’t know for sure who might be the second Yu Sha’er. Do you really think that Gu Juexi was dragging the divorce because he loves you?” Snarled Bai Yuyan, voice full of hatred.

But Ye Yuwei was not at all affected by Bai Yuyan’s words. “I don’t know why he was dragging the divorce. The only thing I know is that he will never like you because you disgusted all of us from the start,” Ye Yuwei said simply, took her luggage and left without looking back.

Mom was right. She did not owe anyone in this world, and there was no need for her to give in.

She would not look back after she leaves this time.

Gu Juexi looked at Ye Yuwei’s retreating figure from one of the windows on the second floor.

He brought her home by force the last time she left because he thought he didn’t want things to go as she planned.

This time, he was too afraid to even make her stay.