The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 363

Chapter 363: You Will Be the Boss' Boxer Protocol Sooner or Later

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So this was what Gu Juexi had been planning.

He spent eleven years to plan revenge for his comrades and to stop Cheng Jie from stealing the nation’s money.

When he said “the day will come”, he actually meant the day he and Cheng Jie went down together. He gave her two months’ time for the divorce, but it had been shortened to two days unexpectedly.

Ye Yuwei felt an indescribable feeling fill her and looked away. It was only today that she realized how many burdens that man carried. She used to think that everything she saw was real, and the Gu Juexi she knew was an almighty man.

Never would she have expected that he had such an intense and deep-seated hatred.

He said that Army Uncle had died. Was he implying that the him now was just a shell living with all the burdens and hatred he had?

Too bad that it was too late now.

“Mr. Yu might have misunderstood. I have nothing to do with him anymore, and I won’t disrupt your plans,” Ye Yuwei made air quotes as she said “plans”. She let Yu Jiangqing pull over and quickly got out of the car.

Yu Jiangqing looked at Ye Yuwei hailing a taxi after she got out of his car and mumbled resignedly, “You will be Boss’ Boxer Protocol sooner or later.”

Ye Yuwei found her palms sweaty after she got into the second car. Turned out she had been frightened by what Yu Jiangqing said.

Gu Juexi was asking the tiger for its skin—the tiger being Cheng Jie.

But Yu Jiangqing said that Gu Juexi might change the plans because of her, how was that possible?

What did she have that was worth Gu Juexi changing his plans for?

Maybe there was something, but Ye Yuwei didn’t want to admit it.

Ye Yuwei got Gu Juexi’s call on her way to Xiao Yaojing’s house. Her first thought was not to answer, but she answered in the end.

“I will see you at the registry for the divorce at 10.30 a.m. tomorrow,” Gu Juexi said and hung up.

Ye Yuwei had been waiting for Gu Juexi to say that for the past few months but she was not happy now that he had finally said it.

Their battle with Cheng Jie would begin the day after. Just like he said, he would be sure to divorce her before he was sued in court. But now he chose to divorce her the day before he and Cheng Jie perished together.

Ye Yuwei didn’t talk much when she reached Xiao Yaojing’s place and went to bed early claiming she was tired and had to wake up early tomorrow to file for the divorce petition.

Xiao Yaojing looked at Ye Yuwei getting ready for bed, took out her phone and looked for the chat with PA Wen.

[Xiao Yaojing: What did womanizer Gu do? Why was Ye Zi unhappy?

Wen Tao: I don’t really know.

Xiao Yaojing: Aren’t you his little follower?

Wen Tao: I really have no idea. I am not a know-it-all, Xiao Yaojing, do I look like I know everything?

Xiao Yaojing: I was just asking, why are you getting mad?]

PA Wen had just reached home and was confused when he saw the bunch of angry emojis that Xiao Yaojing sent. He sat in his car and massaged his temples.

He was quite irritable. He couldn’t help it—the numbers were not going up and they couldn’t make the disposable fund become more than 30% to meet the requirements of IOSCO within two days.

PA Wen took a deep breath and continued to type on his phone.

[Wen Tao: My bad, I was in the middle of something. Why don’t you try talking to Mr. Lu? I am sure he knows something, and it is a chance for you to talk to him!]

A few moments passed until Wen Tao finally pressed ‘send’, and then he got out of his car.