The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 364

Chapter 364: Boss Said It Himself?

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Xiao Yaojing read the message that PA Wen sent.

The apology was sincere, but what had made a patient man like PA Wen so angry? Then again, it was not important. The important thing was that she had a reason to approach Lu Qichuan.

Xiao Yaojing did not dwell on the reason for PA Wen’s anger. She searched for Lu Qichuan’s number and pressed ‘dial’.

Lu Qichuan picked up after a few seconds, and his elegant voice asked, “Yaojing?”

“Yes, it’s me,” Xiao Yaojing answered shyly, “I wanted to ask you something, Lu Qichuan.”

“About what?” asked Lu Qichuan, smiling.

Xiao Yaojing cursed silently at PA Wen’s bad attitude. Lu Qichuan was much nicer and patient compared to him. She couldn’t believe that Lu Qichuan actually said Wen Tao was the nicest guy amongst them, he was so hot-tempered!

“About Ye Zi and Gu Juexi’s divorce, do you know about it?” Xiao Yaojing lowered her voice as she asked.

“I do, hasn’t it been going on for a while?” Lu Qichuan was not surprised at what Xiao Yaojing said. Though he was quite sure that Ye Yuwei would not get the divorce she wanted because Gu Juexi would never agree to it.

“Ye Zi said Gu Juexi and her are filing the divorce petition tomorrow,” said Xiao Yaojing and she heard Lu Qichuan springing up from his chair.

“Tomorrow? Boss said it himself?” Lu Qichuan could feel himself tensing as he asked.

Xiao Yaojing didn’t understand why Lu Qichuan acted up all of the sudden, but answered him nicely, “Yes.”

“Something came up, Yaojing. I will talk to you when I am back,” Lu Qichuan said and quickly hung up.

Xiao Yaojing looked at her phone in astonishment and wondered why everyone was acting weird today.

Meanwhile, Wen Tao had just reached his house and smacked his forehead after closing the door.

What was wrong with him? Why would he let Xiao Yaojing look for Lu Qichuan? He must be crazy. He had always been a rational person and it was the first time that he made a wrong move like that.

Convincing himself that Lu Qichuan would find out about it sooner or later, PA Wen let out a sigh.

Lu Qichan went straight to Gu Mansion after his call with Xiao Yaojing. Gu Juexi was talking to Wen Jie when he reached the place.

“Mr. Lu is here, Master,” announced Butler Kim, standing at the door.

Gu Juexi paused for a moment then said without looking at Butler Kim, “Tell him to wait for me in the study.”

Butler Kim nodded and left the room. Gu Juexi tucked his mother in and told her that he would have to leave for a while.

“Do you blame Mommy for agreeing to the divorce?” Wen Jie asked as she held Gu Jiexi’s hand.

“No, Mom. The divorce was my own decision and I would never blame you for it,” Gu Juexi answered and squeezed Wen Jie’s hand, which made Wen Jie feel even sorrier for her son.

“I know you think it is normal to have no love in a marriage, because that was how your grandfather and father lived,” Wen Jie said as she gazed at her son, “but love is not the only thing. A marriage should also have trust, sincerity, honesty and even companionship, but I don’t see that in you. I don’t see them in Weiwei either.”

Gu Juexi lowered his gaze and kept quiet.

“This marriage was a failure. Not just because of you, but also because of Weiwei. The both of you don’t communicate and she doesn’t trust you or herself. You two disregard each other, suspect each other, and forgot that communication is vital in a marriage.”