The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 367

Chapter 367: The Coercion by the Elders

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Bai Ying arrived in the living room and saw the few elderly guests were her father’s subordinates, also in charge of the base.

Bai Ying sat at the main seat, expression impassive. “Dear elders, what brings you here today?”

The six elders were in their golden years; the leader of the group had salt and pepper hair and a wrinkled face worn by time.

“Niece, it will be Boss Bai’s death anniversary in a few days. He has been gone for over 20 years,” one said slowly.

Bai Ying stroked the cat in her arms and avoiding the gaze of the elders, answered, “So?”

“Cheng Jie has proven himself all these years. Even if he did fail once 11 years ago, he has taken down Gu Juexi and opened the door to limitless possibilities. I believe Boss Bai’s will would have stated to let Cheng Jie inherit his empire. You have kept it hidden for so many years. It’s time to announce the content of the will.”

“Cheng Jie?” Bai Ying sneered. She leaned back against the chair and looked at the few respected elders. “Just because he took down Gu Juexi, the elders couldn’t wait to back him up?”

“Niece, you can’t put it that way,” another elder chimed in. “Years ago when your daughter was taken away from you, Cheng Jie helped find her. Later on when Ye Shu betrayed you, Cheng Jie supported you and claimed you were innocent. Although Cheng Jie is Boss Bai’s foster son, he has given it his all. We know that this empire was single-handedly built by Boss Bai. Even if Cheng Jie takes over, we are still loyal to Boss Bai and the Bai family. It has been so many years, isn’t it time to give Cheng Jie a status?”


Bai Ying remained indifferent and waited for the man to finish his sentence. “Uncle Tom, you’ve also watched me all these years. Have I not given Cheng Jie the power?”


The elders looked at each other in dismay.


“Could it be that Boss Bai’s will did not state Cheng Jie’s name?” An elder deduced.

Bai Ying smiled.

If it were Cheng Jie, it would naturally be Cheng Jie.

But this base had been used to commit crimes for too long. Her father’s hands were stained with blood. This place should have been destroyed. How could it be placed in Cheng Jie’s hands to let evil and tragedy seep into Ye Shu’s home country again?

Ye Shu would not allow it, and so she would not allow it too.

Cheng Jie’s mistake had been his intention to touch the China market.

“Dear uncles, you should know that for all these years Cheng Jie spared no effort for the Bai family. If I were to do anything to Cheng Jie now, you wouldn’t agree, would you? I know my place, therefore the elders do not have to worry that I would do anything to Cheng Jie. Besides, I am but a woman. Ye Shu is no longer around. I only have the few of you elders as support. I’m left with nothing, no?” Bai Ying’s voice carried a hint of grief. “If it wasn’t for my father, would there be a place for me here?”

“Niece, it’s wrong to put it that way. You are Boss Bai’s daughter. All these belong to you. It’s just that the will had been dragged on for too many years. Let the will be known regardless of the recipient to the inheritance, at least Cheng Jie would not be left hanging. Why don’t we set the announcement of the will on the death anniversary of Boss Bai?” A younger elder seated at the last row suggested.

Bai Ying lowered her gaze. It was only a few more days until Father’s death anniversary.