The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 368

Chapter 368: Going For A Divorce

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Would Gu Juexi really be able to topple Cheng Jie’s business empire?

Bai Ying had no confidence in this at all. Once the will was announced, the people at the base would only heed Cheng Jie’s orders.

When that happened, the task of toppling him would be beyond Gu Juexi’s abilities.

Bai Ying looked up, still maintaining her smile. “Since all the uncles have said this, then let it be announced on the day of my father’s death anniversary.”

Having gotten the answer that they had wanted, the elders left, satisfied. Bai Ying’s hand tightened and the cat underneath it yowled painfully before jumping off Bai Ying’s lap.

“Madam, a phone call from the young master.” The maid handed the phone to Bai Ying.

Bai Ying took a deep breath and reached for the phone. “Cheng Jie, you sure act fast. What are you worried about?”

“Sister Ying, you have been hiding the will for more than twenty years. If I didn’t do this, would you have come clean with it?” Cheng Jie spoke with a trace of smugness in his voice.

“Great, then we shall see if you really are capable of taking on the Bai Family,” Bai Ying hissed and hung up, throwing the phone onto the ground.

Bai Ying sat in her chair and held her hands together tightly. It was still not known if Ye Shu was alive or not, and Gu Juexi still didn’t have the data on Cheng Jie’s criminal offenses to convict him.

However, Cheng Jie was already seeking vengeance at their doorstep.

Bai Ying knew that even if she surrendered the will, Cheng Jie would not let go of her and her daughter.

Should Gu Juexi fail, who would protect her daughter?

When Ye Yuwei arrived at the Civil Affairs Bureau, Gu Juexi was already waiting there. PA Wen stood beside Gu Juexi and looked at Ye Yuwei with a smile. Ye Yuwei nodded at PA Wen in greeting.

Gu Juexi didn’t even spare her a glance, he just turned around and entered the Civil Affairs Bureau. Ye Yuwei had wanted to say something, but Gu Juexi’s cold expression had rendered her speechless.

Ye Yuwei tagged along and entered the building sullenly. Three years ago, the two of them had sat here. Three years later, it was still the same.

Three years ago, he wore a cold expression and three years later, it was still the same.

Only she had changed from having a jubilant expression to having the same expression as him.

The staff was a fifty-year-old lady. It was nothing like those scenes depicted in idol dramas with an infatuated handsome male lead, she just coldly decked out two forms for them to fill out.

“You youngsters thought that the Civil Affairs Bureau’s labor cost is so cheap that it can be bought at random? Fill these up quickly,” The lady said nastily, indicating her dissatisfaction with them.

Ye Yuwei looked down at the information sheet in front of her, reached for the pen on the counter and began filling out the form. Gu Juexi filled out the form as quickly as when they had gotten married, as if he didn’t care about these things.

Ye Yuwei was feeling somewhat depressed. She put down her pen once she finished signing her name.

Was this liberation or something else? She couldn’t tell.

After Ye Yuwei finished writing, she respectfully handed the form back.

After reading it, the elderly lady stretched out her hand. “Give me your marriage certificate, household registration booklet, and identification card.”

Ye Yuwei, who was taking out her identification card, paused for a moment before looking at the lady incredulously. “Marriage… marriage certificate?”

Naturally, what Ye Yuwei didn’t know, Gu Juexi didn’t know either.

Hence, those two people were fiercely chased out by the elderly lady.

PA Wen saw the two come out and quickly went to greet them. “CEO.”

Gu Juexi only grunted but PA Wen who had been working with him for so long felt that he seemed to be happy.