The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 369

Chapter 369: Its Simply Because There Is Someone Carrying the Weight for You

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Ye Yuwei didn’t look happy at all.

So what had happened?

PA Wen looked at the both of them curiously.

By the time Ye Yuwei had reached PA Wen, she was brimming with anger. “Why didn’t PA Wen remind us that a marriage certificate is required for getting a divorce?”

PA Wen was speechless.

How would he know?

He didn’t know anything!

Why was he getting scolded when all he did was stand outside?

Though it was now apparent that the divorce would fall through again.

No wonder the CEO was secretly happy.

“Madam, I really did not know about that. After all, I have never gotten married before,” PA Wen explained, the corner of his lips twitching.

Ye Yuwei silently scolded herself and mumbled an apology, frowning.

PA Wen didn’t take offense. After all, Madam had fought for this for so long but now everything was delayed because of the marriage certificate—anyone would get angry.

“Then I will go back to get the marriage certificate, since there is still time,” Ye Yuwei insisted.

Gu Juexi’s expression turned nasty. “Is my time not valuable? I can’t constantly be wasting time on this matter with you.”

Ye Yuwei stared at Gu Juexi who had turned around and entered the car after reprimanding her.

PA Wen’s smile became increasingly awkward. He wanted to say something but was interrupted by Gu Juexi’s mocking voice as he called out, “Still not leaving? Do you intend to find someone to get married to inside there so you’ll know that you need to bring a marriage certificate to get a divorce? ”

PA Wen and Ye Yuwei were both speechless.

Why was that man’s tongue so sharp?

“Madam, then–”

Ye Yuwei took a deep breath. ‘Let him go first, otherwise who knew what that wicked man would say.’

Gu Juexi’s eagerness to leave was noticed by PA Wen. It was as if he was afraid that Ye Yuwei would really go back to retrieve the marriage certificate.

It also seemed that he had found himself an excuse, so he was in a hurry to leave.

Xiao Yaojing was waiting for Ye Yuwei when she returned, having taken leave specially for this.

As soon as Ye Yuwei entered the house, Xiao Yaojing went to her. “So how was it? Are you officially divorced yet?”

“I did not bring the marriage certificate–nobody told me about it. So one must bring their marriage certificate to get divorced?” Ye Yuwei ranted angrily while changing her shoes. She then looked up at Xiao Yaojing furiously. “Did you know about this?”

“I…I am not married, how would I know?” Xiao Yaojing initially wanted to blame Ye Yuwei but after hearing her question, wisely amended her response.

“That’s exactly what PA Wen said,” Ye Yuwei growled as she went around looking for her marriage certificate.

Xiao Yaojing followed her. “Who did you say that I am similar to? How can I be similar to that person who holds a candle for the devil?”

“You mustn’t say such things about PA Wen, he really is a good person,” Ye Yuwei admonished as she retrieved a small box from her suitcase. Inside it was her and Gu Juexi’s marriage certificate. Ye Yuwei reached out and opened it; she was smiling giddily, but the man next to her was expressionless.

“Still looking? What, still can’t bear to leave him?” Xiao Yaojing who was standing behind her, sneered.

Ye Yuwei closed the box containing the marriage certificate and held it tightly in her hands, smiling sadly. “I just thought of that old saying.”

“What?” Xiao Yaojing looked at Ye Yuwei, who had stood up and was putting the marriage certificate in her handbag.

“In this world, there is no such thing as good, peaceful years all the time; it is simply because there is someone carrying the weight for you. Gu Juexi is such a person,” Ye Yuwei said softly while gazing at Xiao Yaojing, perhaps wanting to defend Gu Juexi after Xiao Yaojing’s mention of ‘holding a candle for the devil’ earlier.