The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 371

Chapter 371: Then Let Him Do It

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Madame Gu moved her lips but could not get a word out.

“Even now when my mother is seriously ill, you never showed any concern for her. Instead, you criticized her and made her take a flight to B City even though she was so ill. Even after my mother married into your family, you never showed any concern and still criticized her.” Gu Juexi suddenly laughed.

It was rare for Gu Juexi to show his emotions because of the environment he grew up in, but this time he actually laughed–a mocking laugh.

“Ye Yuwei was right, this is a disgusting place.” Gu Juexi immediately stood up after he finished speaking. “So Madame Gu, please leave. Or you could let Gu Tianmu marry a healthy woman that you approve of as your daughter-in-law, who will give birth to an obedient grandson who will let you ridicule and humiliate him–which is what you want.”

Gu Juexi rarely said so much in a single breath. Still watching Madam Gu who was lying down on the bed with a sullen expression, Gu Juexi calmly called Dr. Qiu to come in and despite Madame Gu’s outstretched hand, turned away to leave.

“Oh, right.” Gu Juexi stopped at the door. As if the words earlier weren’t enough, he added, “The person you like, Bai Yuyan, previously stole the identity of Ye Yuwei and even withdrew herself from marriage to a former fiancé due the latter’s economic status. If I am to lose everything today, the person you like, Bai Yuyan, wouldn’t even want to look at me. Such is the kind of person you like.”

After Gu Juexi finished speaking, Madame Gu’s eyes rolled back in her head and she promptly fainted.

Dr. Qiu was at a loss for words.

When Gu Juexi turned around, Butler Kim appeared at the door.

“Once Madame Gu wakes up, send her away immediately,” Gu Juexi instructed, then walked out.

Butler Kim looked at the unconscious Madame Gu who had fainted from anger, and could only sigh.

‘The young master is really angry this time.’

The words spoken were harsh indeed.

However, Butler Kim knew better than anyone that the young master was actually a filial child. Had Madame Gu not been so oppressive, the young master would not have said those words.

When Gu Juexi walked out, Bai Yuyan was standing beside the door.

It was unknown what Bai Yuyan had heard or it could have been something else, but she was currently looking at Gu Juexi with obvious tension and caution.

“Gu…Big Brother Gu–”

Gu Juexi looked at Bai Yuyan darkly and said, “Leave on your own, or should I ask someone to see you out?”

The only one who could chase Madame Gu out now was him. His mother couldn’t take on the role of an unfilial person.

Then let him do it.

The only one who could drive Bai Yuyan away now was him. Ye Yuwei did not have the ability.

Then let him do it.

Bai Yuyan pursed her lips, seemingly wanting to say something.

However, a single glare from Gu Juexi made the words die on her tongue.

“Butler Kim, please see Miss Bai out.” Gu Juexi did not waste another breath on Bai Yuyan with meaningless conversation.

“Big Brother Gu, it wouldn’t be good for you to chase me out like this, would it?” Bai Yuyan thought of her uncle as she said this, lifting her chin stubbornly.

Those words sounded very much like a threat.

Gu Juexi looked at Bai Yuyan. It would have been better if Bai Yuyan did not mention this matter but since she did, nobody could blame him for speaking harshly.

“Go back and tell Cheng Jie: don’t push me too far,” Gu Juexi said in a low voice. “Otherwise when the time comes, I will destroy everything.”

Bai Yuyan listened to the implicit ruthlessness in Gu Juexi’s words and the fear in her heart intensified.

She did not dare say anything more and unconsciously took a step back.

This situation wasn’t what her uncle had told her.