The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 374

Chapter 374: This Was Why She Was Absolutely Unable to Forgive Gu Juexi

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When PA Wen came in, Gu Juexi was seated in the same place but the laptop in front of him was shut.

“Wen Tao,” Gu Juexi called, passing the document in front of him to PA Wen, “Hand this to Ye Yuwei the day after tomorrow.”

PA Wen was stunned for a moment and quickly reached for the document, “CEO, I—”

“You don’t need to go; Gu Enterprise still needs you,” Gu Juexi murmured as he got up.

PA Wen felt like his chest was bursting, but he didn’t know what to say.

“The funding issue of Bo Shen Enterprise—bring them down even if it ruins Gu Enterprise,” Gu Juexi said softly but resolutely.

PA Wen nodded; he already knew this.

“CEO, actually, Madam—”

PA Wen always felt that the Madam wasn’t an unreasonable person. As long as the CEO was willing to explain, Madam would be understanding.

“You may go back first.” With a wave of his hand, Gu Juexi dismissed PA Wen, allowing him to leave first.

What else could PA Wen say? He sighed before turning around and leaving the place.

That night, the rain returned.

Ye Yuwei did not fall asleep for a long time. She wasn’t sure if it was the heavy rain outside that was making her so agitated.

Beside her, Xiao Yaojing was already asleep. Ye Yuwei carefully got out of bed and left the room. She left the lights off in the living room and sat on the sofa thinking about Yu Jiangqing.

In reality, she could easily find the connection between the events of recent years. Once she connected the dots, the conclusion was very obvious: Gu Juexi had used her.

Gu Juexi was Fox—the Fox who had manipulated her to ruin Yu Sha’er, and won an opportunity for Yu Jiangqing in front of Cheng Jie.

Gu Juexi must not have known that it was more hurtful to manipulate someone than to not love them.

No matter what the reason was though, he shouldn’t have manipulated her like that.

That was why she was absolutely unable to forgive Gu Juexi.

Thunder suddenly erupted and lightning illuminated the dark room for a split second.

Ye Yuwei remained still and gazed at the heavy downpour outside the window.

The phone in front of her suddenly lit up.

Ye Yuwei glanced at it then reached out and picked it up. For a moment, she stared at the message in confusion.

[Come down.]

The sender of that message was unknown—a string of numbers she thought she would forget if she deleted his name. Unexpectedly, merely seeing that string of numbers made her think of that person.

That string of numbers was imprinted in her brain; it couldn’t be forgotten no matter what.

Ye Yuwei took the phone, stood up and went outside.

The rain outside was much heavier than what she had felt inside the apartment.

Ye Yuwei pushed open the door downstairs. Gu Juexi’s car was parked in front of the apartment unit. When Ye Yuwei opened the door, Gu Juexi exited the car.

He didn’t have an umbrella so his body was drenched by the heavy rain in seconds.

Ye Yuwei stood underneath the shelter of the apartment unit’s door—only a small amount of rain hit her, accompanied by a cool breeze.

Gu Juexi walked towards her, stopping just one step before her.

This time, he was in the rain while she was under the apartment’s shelter.

There was nobody by his side, but that was no longer the place she wanted to be.

Ye Yuwei gently leaned against the door frame and looked at the man in front of her, who did not look affected by the rain. In the past, she had looked miserable and exhausted under the same conditions.

Gu Juexi, who was much taller than Ye Yuwei, lowered his gaze to look at her. He stared at her pale cheeks.

“Is there something you needed?” Ye Yuwei leaned against the door frame and asked coolly.

Just like he did back then.

Ye Yuwei’s attitude made Gu Juexi frown, but unexpectedly, he did not get angry. His eyes fell upon Ye Yuwei’s lower abdomen and stayed there.

Ye Yuwei paused for a moment before unconsciously straightening her body.