The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 376

Chapter 376: The First Shower, the Heavy Thunderstorm

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The day was getting brighter and the rain was fading away.

When Xiao Yaojing came out, Ye Yuwei was on the sofa, looking dazed.

“You didn’t sleep the whole night?” Xiao Yaojing sat down beside her and when she touched her, she realized that her clothes were damp. “Did you go out?”

Ye Yuwei came back to her senses and looked at Xiao Yaojing. She laughed lightly and said, “I went to the balcony to take the clothes in. I’ll go change out of these wet clothes now.”

Xiao Yaojing watched the person rushing out of the room and frowned.

At Gu Enterprise:

PA Wen had not gone home last night and was still staring at the data on his computer.

The war had already begun this morning, but the data was moving at a snail’s pace.

PA Wen looked at the time at the corner of his computer while the data continued running. It was already nine thirty in the morning, it would be impossible to load the data to 30% by twelve noon.

Gu Juexi’s call came in as PA Wen pondered his dilemma.

“At eleven o’clock today, destroy Gu Enterprise and all of the funds that Bo Shen Enterprise had pumped into it.” Gu Juexi was still below Xiao Yaojing’s apartment. After speaking to PA Wen, he ended the call and tossed his cell phone aside. The car started and he drove off.

PA Wen sat stunned as he listened to the hurried voice on the other side of the call.

In the end, the CEO has decided to destroy everything that he had built.

At a suburban villa:

Yu Jiangqing was sitting on a sofa, listening to the sound of a keyboard while toying with the cell phone in his hand.

From the moment he entered, he knew this place was Cheng Jie’s base in China.

That old fox. How had he been able to hide such an established base?

It was already ten thirty in the morning.

Cheng Jie had his people bring over Song Helian whose face was covered in blood. Yu Jiangqing didn’t even bat an eyelid.

Cheng Jie waved his hand and the person holding Song Helian threw him onto the ground.

“Cheng Jie, you deserve nothing less than death. Yu Jiangqing, you are a traitor. A scumbag,” Song Helian shouted furiously. “Brother Gu did everything to avenge you but you conspired with these people to betray Gu. Yu Jiangqing, I will never forgive you, not in this life or the next!”

“You don’t even understand this life and you want to talk to me about your next life?” Yu Jiangqing asked softly. He slowly put away his phone away and looked at the blood-stained Song Helian.

“Song, do you know why Gu used to say that you are the stupidest?” Yu Jiangqing asked as he walked over to Song Helian and squatted down beside him. Song Helian spat onto his face.

Yu Jiangqing closed his eyes and waited until Song Helian was done. He then accepted a tissue from PA Mike and slowly wiped his face. He looked deceptively calm.

“When I was arrested and beaten up in the past, you still had your position as a leader. Gu had become the CEO of GU Enterprise and even Lu had become a famous lawyer. You want to talk to me about having a conscience?” Yu Jiangqing murmured as he stretched out his hand and dug his fingers into the wound on Song Helian’s face. “You really are stupid. Who do you think you are to talk to me about a conscience?”

Yu Jiangqing was, in reality, quite annoyed. Their plans could have been carried out slowly and surely, but the reckless Song Helian had ruined it.

He hoped Song Helian could feel the pain he felt then. Song Helian’s face was twisted in agony.

Yu Jiangqing looked at Song Helian’s damaged face in satisfaction and ordered his men to take him away. He took another tissue from PA Mike and wiped the blood off his hand.