The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 377

Chapter 377: The Data that Suddenly Stopped

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He had no way of contacting Gu Juexi right now. He had even thrown the chip away before entering to escape the ultraviolet light.

They could only hope that they were still as tacit as they were over a decade ago.

The only thing he could do now was delay the time.

Delay for as long as he could to save Song Helian’s life.

They had already lost too much. They couldn’t lose another person because of this.

Song Helian’s expression was contorted because of the pain, but the immense hate in his eyes remained.

Cheng Jie watched them, so calm he looked like he was merely watching a movie.

He then turned to PA Mike and ordered him to toss Yu Jiangqing a gun.

Yu Jiangqing blinked slightly in shock and did not pick the gun up immediately.

“What is the meaning of this, CEO Cheng?” Yu Jiangqing said as he got up slowly. He wiped his hand with the handkerchief before throwing it onto the floor.

“Mr. Yu, you should know that in our line, what we fear most is someone turning their backs on us. I can provide you with status and riches, but you have to prove your loyalty to me first. Don’t you agree?” Cheng Jie smiled as he sat on the sofa.

Currently, Gu Juexi was speeding on the highway towards the suburbs.

“How much more?” Gu Juexi asked roughly.

“Another 25.7%,” PA Wen supplied nervously, watching the data on the computer.

He knew that everything was about to change. Once the International Securities Regulatory Commission accepted the data, Cheng Jie’s business empire would be destroyed. This also meant that his support for the Bai family would diminish.

However, the data was simply not moving.

PA Wen stared at the data moving so ridiculously slowly. Instinctively, he thought to look for Ye Yuwei.

She was not only a genius at mathematics, but she was also a banker. She would know what to do.

If Ye Yuwei took a look at it, she would probably have a way to make the data run faster.

But the CEO…

PA Wen looked at the time passing quickly and clasped his hands together. If the CEO found out that he had looked for the young mistress, his life would be over. Then they would not be able to save Song Helian’s life.

As PA Wen considered his options, the data suddenly stopped running.

It was at this moment that PA Wen realized that nothing good ever happened in his life.

“Amy! Amy!” PA Wen hollered. As soon as the secretary came into the office, he asked, “Why did the diamond plan suddenly stop?”

“I don’t know, let me ask around,” The secretary admitted and quickly scurried out.

PA Wen sat down on the chair and decided to call Gu Juexi.

It was only when he took his phone that he decided to call Ye Yuwei instead. If the CEO decided to kill him for this, it would be worth it.

Ye Yuwei was surprised to get a call from PA Wen and after listening to his explanation, she was stunned.

“If we do not upload the data by twelve noon today, the CEO will not be able to overthrow Bo Shen Enterprise. Song Helian will lose his life and the plan that the CEO had created for years would also fail,” PA Wen hurriedly explained. “Aside from the young mistress, I really do not know who else I can turn to now.”

“The diamond plan already started. Why did it stop suddenly?” Ye Yuwei asked.

“I do not know yet, but I would not rule out the possibility that Bai Yuyan played a role in this. She is Cheng Jie’s niece,” PA Wen answered seriously.

Bai Yuyan. It was Bai Yuyan again.