The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 378

Chapter 378: Defeated by Cheng Jie

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“Wen Tao, are you insane? Do you have to look for Yuwei for every little thing?” Xiao Yaojing grabbed the cell phone and asked.

Wen Tao did not expect that Xiao Yaojing had not gone to work yet and he felt a bit guilty at her words.

“Yaojing, now is not the time to mess around.” Although Ye Yuwei did not want anything to do with Gu Juexi now, she could not simply ignore this matter.

Ye Yuwei took her phone back and said, “I’ll be there soon.”

“Yuwei, you still can’t forget that scumbag Gu Juexi?” Xiao Yaojing asked with a sigh.

Ye Yuwei grabbed her clothes and pulled Xiao Yaojing out with her. “I will explain everything on the way. I promise I do not want to be involved with Gu Juexi, but if I ignore this matter, I will be no different than that traitor.”

“That traitor? Aren’t you exaggerating?” Xiao Yaojing was dragged along by Ye Yuwei, and she was not convinced.

“Maybe it’s worse than this.”

As soon as Ye Yuwei and Xiao Yaojing reached downstairs, Lu Qichuan’s car drove up.

Ye Yuwei quickly opened the car door and pushed Xiao Yaojing into the car before getting in herself. “Brother Lu, please drive to Gu Enterprise.”

Lu Qichuan was stunned and did not move.

“Yuwei, does Gu Juexi know about…”

“The funds and data of Bo Shen Enterprise are no longer moving,” Yuwei answered.

Lu Qichuan did not say a word and quickly started the car.

“What are you guys up to?” Xiao Yaojing asked angrily.

Ye Yuwei remembered that Yu Jiangqing had told her it was two days from then, so today would be the day.

Ye Yuwei’s heart started pounding.

She felt that something huge was about to happen.

At the suburban villa:

Yu Jiangqing sat on the sofa, still holding the gun that Cheng Jie had given him.

Song Helian had been beaten up badly and was lying on the ground. Maybe in a few more hours, Song Helian would be dead without Yu Jiangqing even having to shoot him.

Bai Yuyan walked down the stairs and towards Cheng Jie with a smirk. “Uncle, I have just stopped Bo Shen Enterprise’s diamond program.”

Yu Jiangqing was shocked by Bai Yuyan’s words but he quickly recovered and acted as if he hadn’t heard her.

Cheng Jie beamed proudly and let Bai Yuyan sit down next to him.

“Mr. Yu, why are you still hesitating?” Cheng Jie asked amiably.

Yu Jiangqing put the gun away and leaned back against the sofa as he glanced at Bai Yuyan, then turned to Cheng Jie. “What is CEO Cheng up to now?”

“Gu Juexi is a person that I always have to guard against,” Cheng Jie smiled. “What is Mr. Yu’s thoughts?”

Yu Jiangqing returned the smile. “It’s no wonder Miss Bai infiltrated the Gu family. She did it to force Ye Yuwei to leave. After all, CEO Cheng is quite jealous of the Ye family.”

“Mr. Yu, you have worked with Gu Juexi for many years. You should understand him well. If I take things lightly, I would only be harming myself,” Cheng Jie said pleasantly. “Gu Juexi is not the kind of person who gives up easily. If I did not do this, how would I be able to defeat him?”

“CEO Cheng is really capable. It’s no wonder CEO Cheng could expand Bo Shen Enterprise to its present level. You managed to remove Ye Yuwei from the equation, and she would have been the only person who could have helped Gu Juexi stabilize the data. Right now, even if Gu Juexi wants to do anything to the data, it would be too late.” Yu Jiangqing said calmly, but his mind was troubled. Things had developed to this point and it was completely beyond their control now.