The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 379

Chapter 379: Is He Superman or King Kong?

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Cheng Jie continued smiling. “When you are fighting with Gu Juexi, letting your guard down is a huge mistake. Wouldn’t you agree?” Cheng Jie said, once again gesturing for Yu Jiangqing to use the gun. “I can give you the best of everything, but I hope you can show me your determination too.”

Yu Jiangqing continued playing with the gun. At least he was sure that Cheng Jie had not doubted him so far.

Perhaps Cheng Jie really needed people on his side. There was still hope.

“Ye Yuwei left Gu Mansion two days ago. I know what she’s like. She has no more feelings for Gu Juexi, so she definitely won’t go back to help him,” Bai Yuyan said confidently.

Yu Jiangqing smiled to himself.

This was the greatest difference between Ye Yuwei and Bai Yuyan.

However, he was not sure if Gu Juexi would drag Ye Yuwei into this matter.

Forget it. He was sure that Gu Juexi would never drag Ye Yuwei into this matter.

Now he had no idea how he could keep this act up.

The only thing he could do was to delay for as long as he could.

“If Miss Bai can guarantee this, then that would be best. Otherwise, I do not want CEO Cheng to be killed even before I’ve even done anything,” Yu Jiangqing said, deep in thought.


The decision was in his hands right now.

Yu Jiangqing put the gun aside and said, “That is why I think we should wait a while. What do you say, CEO Cheng?”

Cheng Jie narrowed his eyes, wondering what Yu Jiangqing was up to.

The request that he had made was reasonable.

“That sounds fine, Mr. Yu,” Cheng Jie agreed quietly. “So what do you plan to do?”

“Wait.” Yu Jiangqing said with a smile. “I have to be sure that after CEO Cheng stopped the plan, Gu Juexi would have no choice but to agree with CEO Cheng’s request.”

Cheng Jie’s expression changed briefly. He glanced over at Bai Yuyan who still looked rather smug. It was all her fault for having a big mouth.

Since things had turned out this way, what else could he say?

“Yu Jiangqing, you are a traitor! How could you betray your own brother? I will never forgive you, even when I die,” Song Helian yelled again hoarsely.

Yu Jiangqing turned back and look at Song Helian who was still lying on the ground. He merely smirked and replied, “Don’t worry, you’ll be able to meet your brothers soon.”

Cheng Jie studied Yu Jiangqing and could not find any lies in his words.

Ye Yuwei had arrived at Gu Enterprise and went directly to PA Wen’s office to look at the data on the assistant’s computer.

PA Wen brought in the document that the secretary had just passed him. “Bo Shen Enterprise has completely stopped their supply of funds, and now Song Helian is in Cheng Jie’s hands. He might do something to Song Helian by noon today.”

“Where is Gu Juexi?” Ye Yuwei asked after reading the data.

“He already went there. All by himself,” PA Wen said.

Ye Yuwei looked at PA Wen in disbelief.

‘He went there by himself?

‘Does he think that he is Superman or King Kong?’

“What the hell is going on? Someone please tell me,” Xiao Yaojing sighed. She felt like everyone knew what was going on except for her.

Ye Yuwei sat down and started to extract all the data regarding the diamond case. Lu Qichuan also began to compile the data that Ye Yuwei had retrieved.