The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 380

Chapter 380: Gu Juexis Plan

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“Cheng Jie’s story goes all the way back to over a decade ago,” PA Wen said quietly. “Mr. Lu knows of this matter too.”

Lu Qichuan glanced at PA Wen then said, “At the time, Bo Shen Enterprise was just established but its purpose then was merely money laundering. Twelve years ago, we received a report that Cheng Jie wanted to use China as a key base for his money laundering activities.”

“And then?” Xiao Yaojing was getting excited.

“Yaojing, please help me integrate Gu Enterprise into the diamond program. I need to use it later,” Ye Yuwei said eagerly, sorting out the funds of Bo Shen Enterprise.

According to PA Wen, Gu Juexi did not have much time left.

“After receiving the report, we tried to set up a blockade to intercept Cheng Jie’s transactions but it was countered by Cheng Jie. With the exception of me, Bao, Gu and Rambo, the other thirty operation teams with three people per team were all killed.”

When Lu Qichuan had finished speaking, Ye Yuwei looked up.

Thirty-three people, all killed.

Even Xiao Yaojing was shocked.

What kind of insanity was this?

“After we returned, no one bothered to investigate what went wrong during the operation. Everyone started blaming Gu’s leadership, but Bao and I both know that Gu almost stayed behind just to bring us back. Unfortunately, no one was willing to listen to us.”

Ye Yuwei felt very uneasy.

“It was during that time that Gu took the blame for us and retired half a year later. I followed in his footsteps eventually and we started planning a way to trap Cheng Jie. I guess it would be more accurate to say that it was all Gu and Rambo’s plan,” Lu Qichuan admitted with a smile.

“The total amount of Gu Enterprise’s data is currently at 23%.” Xiao Yaojing’s speed was incredibly fast, but feeling a little uncertain, she decided to calculate it again.

The data in Bo Shen Enterprise was more complicated than what Ye Yuwei had imagined. Perhaps this was Cheng Jie’s intention from the start because it seemed anyone other than her would not have been able to integrate the data at all.

“Initially, Yu’s arrest was deliberately arranged. After Cheng Jie was hit hard in China, he was prepared to take a step back and recuperate before he re-entered the China market. However, Yu falsely rebelled against the enemy and successfully gained the trust of Cheng Jie. He encouraged Cheng Jie to enter the China market as a means of revenge against Gu. This tempted Cheng Jie to change his mind about the China market. The idea was to ruin Bo Shen Enterprise and to bring it down when it was at its peak so that he wouldn’t be able to make a comeback at all.” PA Wen finished Lu Qichuan’s story.

It seemed like a simple plan, but it took Gu Juexi more than a decade to see it through.

“That’s why Bai Yuyan intentionally forced me to leave. Cheng Jie was taking precautions against Gu Juexi. He figured that as long as he had forced me to turn away, no one else would have been able to find the problem with the data in Bo Shen Enterprise for Gu Juexi,” Ye Yuwei said softly.

Bai Yuyan’s motive had been to push her away.

However, Bai Yuyan did not understand that she was nothing like her. No matter how bad things were between Gu Juexi and herself, she could not simply ignore this matter.

“It seems like that is what Bai Yuyan intended,” PA Wen said contemplatively. “The CEO had also told me not to drag the young mistress into this matter. He did not want to get you involved in this. However, I have no choice; the CEO and everyone else’s lives are at stake now. If the CEO is going to have something to say by the end of today, I’ll just accept what is to come.”