The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 385

Chapter 385: How Would He Explain This to Gu Juexi?

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Lu Qichuan entered the hospital but did not manage to catch up with Ye Yuwei.

Auntie Mao was indeed awake, but there was only Xiao Yaojing in the ward and the doctor who was checking up on Auntie Mao.

Lu Qichuan was so anxious he reached out and grabbed Xiao Yaojing who was looking around. He immediately asked, “Where is Yuwei?”

Xiao Yaojing was also wondering where she had gone. When she entered the ward, she did not see Ye Yuwei there.

Lu Qichuan started cursing and ran straight out of the ward.

Xiao Yaojing did not think and quickly ran after Lu Qichuan.

The corridors in the hospital were filled with doctors and patients but there was no sign of Ye Yuwei.

Lu Qichuan ran to check the security surveillance cameras in the hospital. After playing it back a few times, he finally found a problem at the entrance where Ye Yuwei had entered.

Ye Yuwei had been taken away at this spot.

There were just people wearing caps and Lu Qichuan could not see their faces.

Xiao Yaojing was also shocked when she looked at the video. She looked at Lu Qichuan and asked, “Who took Yuwei away?”

“Cheng Jie,” Lu Qichuan snarled. He slammed his hand on the table angrily then turned to leave.

If he could not find Ye Yuwei, how would he explain it to Gu Juexi?

He had given him one task, and yet he had failed him.

How would he be able to face Gu Juexi?

At the suburban villa.

Cheng Jie answered a call and his dejected expression finally disappeared.

“Send her to the boat,” Cheng Jie ordered and hung up immediately.

Gu Juexi’s brows furrowed but he just observed Cheng Jie silently.

Cheng Jie threw his phone onto the table and asked Bai Yuyan to leave.

“CEO Cheng, I think it is better if Miss Bai stayed here. After all, there are some things that Miss Bai understands better than anyone else,” Gu Juexi said as soon as Bai Yuyan stood up.

Cheng Jie looked at Gu Juexi and said, “CEO Gu, this matter is between the two of us. Why involve them in our own problems?”

Cheng Jie deliberately emphasized the word ‘them’, making Gu Juexi more anxious.

When Yu Jiangqing went to stop Bai Yuyan from leaving, Gu Juexi glared at him and he immediately stopped.

Bai Yuyan left with two other people, looking a little worried.

After Bai Yuyan left, Cheng Jie suddenly said, “CEO Gu and Mr. Yu really put on a fantastic show.”

Cheng Jie’s voice was deep and menacing.

“I would not lower my guard when facing some like you, CEO Cheng,” Gu Juexi said. He played around with the phone in his hand, but he could not receive any signal. It seemed like Cheng Jie had specifically blocked his phone connection.

Gu Juexi finished speaking and waved his hand, gesturing for Yu Jiangqing to release Song Helian.

Yu Jiangqing put away the gun in his hand and walked toward Song Helian. The two men guarding Song Helian stood up to stop him.

Yu Jiangqing bent slightly then turned around to look at Gu Juexi and Cheng Jie.

“Just let him go already.” Cheng Jie raised his hand, asking his people to back off.

Yu Jiangqing bent over and unlocked Song Helian’s handcuffs. “Scorpion, go home and ask sister-in-law for forgiveness. Without her, we wouldn’t know what would have happened to you today.”

Song Helian still did not understand what was happening.