The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 387

Chapter 387: Your Biological Father Caused All This

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[“Captain, when I return this time, I am going to get married. How much will you give me in the red packet?”

“Take a number. Our Captain is rich, make sure he gives you something good.”

“Ahh, it’s finally the last mission. After catching this big fish, I can finally live my life and retire as a grandfather.”

“Can you really bear to leave?”

“I have no choice. My daughter-in-law has already given birth. I already promised them I will retire so I can play with the baby. Remember to give my grandson a red packet when we return.”]

The video was accompanied by the voices of the soldiers. Ye Yuwei’s bound hands held onto the quilt beneath her tightly.

So this was their blood debt.

This blood-filled debt was the reason they had planned for more than ten years to exact their revenge.

This was the plan she did not dare think about. This was the bloody hatred that he had been carrying with him for years.

“Shameless!” Ye Yuwei shouted.

Bai Yuyan stopped the video at a scene where a soldier had been burnt to death. The picture was cruel.

Bai Yuyan could still laugh while seeing it.

“Do you know who the Captain is?” Bai Yuyan stood close behind Ye Yuwei as she untied the rope behind her back. “He is Gu Juexi.”

Ye Yuwei’s body shuddered uncontrollably as she resisted the urge to vomit.

“The Captain who had led his team to capture my uncle in the past was Gu Juexi. However, the one who was going to get married and the one who was going to be a grandfather did not come home. Do you see this guy who burned to death? He was the one who was going to retire and become a grandfather. See how generous my uncle is, to have recorded all this for all of you.”

Bai Yuyan spoke softly but her tone was menacing and evil. She sounded like she was gloating over their misery. She sounded heartless.

All those conversations echoed in her ears.

She could feel pain in her eardrums from those cold and cruel words.

As soon as Ye Yuwei’s hands were freed, she quickly pushed Bai Yuyan out of the way and ran to the bathroom. She vomited until her stomach was completely empty.

It was as though she wanted to vomit the fear away.

However, no matter how hard she tried, the image of the burnt man in the video continued haunting her. It was like a lingering curse that could not be rid of.

This was the reason why Gu Juexi was acting strange, and why his expression carried a sense of desperation when he was eating with Cheng Jie at the Securities Bureau.

Bai Yuyan followed her in, refusing to leave her alone. “Ye Yuwei, did you know? The one who had caused all this is your biological father. He is Ye Shu, your biological father.”

[The one who had caused all this is your biological father. He is Ye Shu, your biological father.]

Ye Yuwei lifted her head, fear in her eyes.

Ye Shu.

Ye Shu. This was not the first time someone had mentioned this person to her.

Ye Yuwei’s trembling hands gripped the toilet seat tightly. Her breathing quickened.

Ye Shu. Ye Shu.

Cheng Jie had mentioned this name to her time and time again.

Gu Juexi had once mentioned in the university that she resembled him. He had asked her if she wanted to find her family member.

“No. Impossible. Impossible.” Ye Yuwei sat down on the cold toilet floor. The blue veins on her hands stood out as she clung tightly to the toilet seat.