The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 388

Chapter 388: I Remember This Blood Debt Very Clearly

Chapter 388: I Remember This Blood Debt Very Clearly
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All the mentions of Ye Shu in the past began ooding back into her mind.
Bai Yuyan saw Ye Yuwei’s face pale and smiled. She squatted down in front of
her, took a photograph out of her pocket and placed it in front of Ye Yuwei.
It was a picture of Ye Shu and Bai Ying.
Ye Yuwei looked up. Her ngernails started to chip from the intensity of her
grip on the toilet seat. Her pupils dilated as she stared at the people in the
Ye Shu.
He was Ye Shu.
The Ye Shu who was a mathematical genius, just like her.

The Ye Shu who looked just like her.
No, she was the one who resembled him in every way.
“Why else would Gu Juexi suddenly treat you well after ignoring you for three
years?” Bai Yuyan saw the pain in Ye Yuwei’s face and felt a wicked sense of
satisfaction. “It was because he already knew your identity. He knew that I was
the one who snatched your position in the past. You are the rightful daughter of
Ye Shu and Bai Ying. You are the daughter of his enemies.”
Ye Yuwei continued sitting on the cold hard ground.
Her mind was blank.
“Did you really think that Gu Juexi was in love with you? He only did all that so
he could exact his revenge,” Bai Yuyan said as she kindly helped Ye Yuwei stand
There was no reaction from Ye Yuwei as she was still in shock.
“And then there was Yu Sha’er. Did you really think that Gu Juexi did it all for
you? It was only because you were doing something that he needed to do
anyway. When he had gotten rid of Yu Sha’er, the next step was to get rid of
you,” Bai Yuyan whispered.
The only thing on Ye Yuwei’s mind was that one statement:
The one who had caused all this is your biological father. He is Ye Shu, your
biological father.
She did not even hear the words spoken by Bai Yuyan. She did not even hear Bai
Yuyan confessing that she had assumed her identity.
At the suburban villa.
After watching the video, Gu Juexi suppressed all the hatred that he was feeling
and looked at Cheng Jie with a calm expression.
“CEO Cheng does not need to remind me. I remember this blood debt very
clearly,” Gu Juexi said.
Cheng Jie shrugged. “CEO Gu has already destroyed everything for me,” Cheng
Jie said as he raised his hands. “It was barely moments ago that Bo Shen
Enterprise was completely ruined.”
Gu Juexi smirked. “But you should know, CEO Cheng, that what I want is not
that simple.”
“Of course. I know that CEO Gu wants me dead. However, don’t you want to
know what will happen before you kill me? This story includes Mrs. Gu too,”
Cheng Jie said with a smile

and quickly leave, not to give Cheng Jie more time.
However, Cheng Jie had mentioned Ye Yuwei.
Gu Juexi’s only weakness.
He had said it before: Ye Yuwei would be the cause of Gu Juexi’s death.
Gu Juexi raised his hand slightly, gesturing for Yu Jiangqing to remain silent.
Yu Jiangqing could not hold back his words. “He still has a mercenary team
coming. Are you going to wait for his rescuers to arrive so we can die a second
time? Do you really want to die because of Ye Yuwei?”
“I have asked so many questions about Ye Yuwei before but no one was able to
tell me anything. It is such a rare opportunity that CEO Cheng is oering to tell
me stories about my wife. Of course I will listen.” Gu Juexi shifted his position.
“However, CEO Cheng, I hope that your story is an extremely long one.
Otherwise, I am afraid your rescuers will not be able to make it on time.”