The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 390

Chapter 390: Ye Shu is Innocent

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At the suburban villa.

Gu Juexi listened intently. It was as though he was afraid that if he missed any details, he would not have the chance to hear it again.

“Fox.” Yu Jiangqing once again reminded him of the time.

“CEO Cheng, where is Ye Shu?” Gu Juexi suddenly asked.

Aboard the ship, Ye Yuwei lifted her head after hearing that.

She could already tell how much Gu Juexi hated Ye Shu, just from looking at the video.

“I have already told you, Ye Shu is very smart. He is the best at manipulating data, because data is the one thing that is most deceptive,” Cheng Jie said softly.

Data is the one thing that is most deceptive.

“I asked you where Ye Shu is,” Gu Juexi insisted. In this case, he had to question Ye Shu personally. He would only believe Ye Shu’s words.

Cheng Jie laughed uncontrollably. “CEO Gu, you still refuse to give up?”

Bai Yuyan heard these words, turned off the monitor and looked at Ye Yuwei who was still sitting on the bed.

“Ye Yuwei, Gu Juexi will definitely kill Ye Shu because of this blood debt that he carries around with him. He will definitely kill your biological father,” Bai Yuyan said smugly.

Her words sounded like a curse to Ye Yuwei’s ears.

Ye Yuwei held onto her lower abdomen that was starting to hurt.

Her mind was still blank and everything around her started to turn blurry.

She slowly laid down on the bed.

She felt like something was slowly flowing out of her body.

Bai Yuyan looked at Ye Yuwei who had fainted on the bed and her lips curved into a menacing smile.

The people at the suburban villa were still at a deadlock.

Gu Juexi tightened his hand around his phone. It felt like someone was stabbing his heart with a sword.

The pain was almost suffocating.

“I don’t really believe whatever CEO Cheng is saying,” Gu Juexi said calmly as he toyed with his phone, though the anxiety he was feeling was getting gradually increasing.

Nothing would happen to Ye Yuwei right?

Cheng Jie clasped his hands together and stared at Gu Juexi. “CEO Gu, let’s make a deal. Let me leave this place, and I might be able to give you a surprise,” Cheng Jie said pleasantly.

Gu Juexi shot to his feet. “Cheng Jie.”

“CEO Gu, anyone who is walking on the edge of a knife would have to prepare an escape route for themselves,” Cheng Jie said with a smile on his face. The skies outside had slowly darkened.

It was not because it was evening, but because of the dark clouds outside.

Yu Jiangqing did not know what had happened, but he knew it must be related to Ye Yuwei. Ye Yuwei was the only person who could make Gu Juexi react this way.

“So does CEO Gu agree to this deal?” Cheng Jie asked slyly.

Gu Juexi placed his hands on the table and stared hard at Cheng Jie. “Cheng Jie, let my wife go.”

“As soon as you remove your people waiting outside and let me go, I promise that Mrs. Gu will be returned in good condition,” Cheng Jie replied smugly.

Gu Juexi’s breathing quickened as he glared at Cheng Jie.

“Gu Juexi, I said this before. Ten years ago, your weakness was your soldiers. Now, your weakness is Mrs. Gu. As long as a strong person has a weakness, they will definitely be caught by it. Ye Yuwei had not only trapped Bai Ying and Ye Shu, but now she has also trapped you.”

“So Ye Shu is innocent,” Gu Juexi said.