The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 392

Chapter 392: Ask Juexi and Weiwei to Come Home

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“CEO Gu, I believe we have reached an understanding. Head to the beach,” Cheng Jie said.

He would not be able to escape if he was on a plane.

However, if it was by sea, he would have a chance to escape.

Cheng Jie glared at Gu Juexi who stared back at him intently.

It became a staring competition between the two men.

“CEO Gu, Mrs. Gu is already in her sixth month of pregnancy, if my men are not careful…”

“Wen Tao.” Gu Juexi gritted his teeth, glaring at Cheng Jie.

PA Wen nodded and turned around to make a call.

“PA Wen, make the call here,” Cheng Jie called out pleasantly.

PA Wen stopped and turned to Gu Juexi. After Gu Juexi nodded in consent, PA Wen made the call to arrange for someone to send Cheng Jie to the beach.

Cheng Jie smacked his lips together and smiled at Gu Juexi.

“Ye Shu was destroyed because of one woman. Similarly, you are also going to be destroyed by this woman. You are all the same,” Cheng Jie laughed as he strode out smugly.

Gu Juexi’s body was still tense.

PA Wen looked at the CEO, but did not know what to say.

As soon as Yu Jiangqing got Song Helian settled into an ambulance, he quickly exited it.

“Rambo,” Song Helian called out in a weak voice.

Yu Jiangqing looked back at Song Helian and growled, “You better make it through this so you can make up for your faults.” He then took a gun from a police officer and said, “Let me borrow this for a while.”

At Gu Mansion.

Xiao Yuan was outside asking the servants to prepare dinner for Wen Jie when she heard something crash to the ground. Xiao Yuan rushed inside and saw that Wen Jie had collapsed.

“Mistress!” Xiao Yuan screamed as she rushed over to help her up. She saw that Wen Jie’s arms were bleeding from the fall and quickly called for the doctor. “Doctor Qiu, Doctor Qiu!”

Xiao Yuan helped Wen Jie onto her bed. The phone was still connected.

Xiao Yuan could hear Gu Tianmu’s voice from the phone but she did not bother about it.

“Where are Juexi and Weiwei? Are they back yet?” Wen Jie was concerned for Ye Yuwei because Gu Tianmu was blaming her for asking them to divorce.

The moment she mentioned Ye Yuwei, Wen Jie felt uneasiness fill her.

“The young master and young mistress have not returned yet. I heard that Auntie Mao had woken up and the young mistress went to the hospital to see her. The young master left the house and has not returned yet,” Xiao Yuan quickly replied and made way for Doctor Qiu.

Wen Jie held onto her chest and started stroking it lightly. She could not describe what she was feeling. It felt like she was suffocating, or maybe it was something else.

“Mistress, where do you feel discomfort?” Doctor Qiu looked at Wen Jie and hurriedly used the stethoscope to listen to her heartbeat. He frowned at her unusually fast heart rate.

“Call Juexi and Weiwei and ask them to come home now,” Wen Jie gasped. However, as soon as she raised her hand, the bracelet on her wrist snapped.

The beads fell to the floor noisily, one by one.

Wen Jie looked down and her hand shook uncontrollably.

“Ask Juexi and Weiwei to come home now. Hurry up,” Wen Jie shouted and because of a sudden surge of fear, she started coughing up blood.

“Mistress! Mistress!” Xiao Yuan screamed. Doctor Qiu quickly carried Wen Jie in his arms and said, “Get ready to go to the hospital.”

Xiao Yuan had served Wen Jie for many years so she was used to these kinds of situations. She bolted out of the room.