The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 400

Chapter 400: Nalan Chunbo

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The sea breeze blew lightly and white silk curtains gently danced in the breeze.

There was a woman sleeping on the elegant princess bed with her arms placed on her lower abdomen.

Bai Ying leaned against the bed, snoring gently. She woke up when the servants came in.


“What time is it?” Bai Ying frowned and reached out to check the pulse in Ye Yuwei’s wrist.

“It is already three o’clock,” the maid replied as she helped Bai Ying get out of bed. “Why didn’t madam inform Mr. Gu that the young mistress is still alive?”

“If a person can’t even explain himself clearly, how can he remember this if I don’t let him learn his lesson first?” Bai Ying asked tartly as she got out of bed and put on her shoes. She turned around and looked at Ye Yuwei who was still lying in bed.

She frowned as she stared at Ye Yuwei.

She had not found Ye Shu yet. Even though Cheng Jie was dead, the elders were not people that she could easily deal with on her own.

Moreover, those elders were all watching her intently. How could she keep Ye Yuwei by her side?

Bai Ying lowered her body to touch Ye Yuwei’s cheek.

“If you still refuse to wake up, then I will have to take these two babies off you myself,” Bai Ying murmured as she reached out and touched Ye Yuwei’s belly.

It had been three months since she rescued Ye Yuwei from the sea but she had not woken up yet.

Bai Ying knew Ye Yuwei had not woken up because she was mentally unwilling to wake up.

Bai Yuyan’s words had completely torn her apart.

She did not know how to deal with the fact that her father was Gu Juexi’s enemy.

Additionally, she could not face the reality that she had killed someone.

After all, she had never even seen a gun before this.

However, Bai Ying knew that Ye Yuwei could no longer stay here. If the elders found out about her existence, then even as her mother, she would not be able to protect her.

Ye Yuwei must wake up.

Bai Ying pressed Ye Yuwei’s lower abdomen harder. “Ye Yuwei, these two babies are growing strongly inside of you but they will lose their lives soon because you are a coward.”

Bai Ying’s voice was not loud, but it sounded distant.

Suddenly, someone held Bai Ying’s hand that was on top of Ye Yuwei’s abdomen.

Ye Yuwei’s eyes seemed to twitch a little, but quickly returned to normal.

Bai Ying was stunned and looked up at the person who had gripped her hand.

“Aunt.” The man holding Bai Ying’s hand was looking at her with disapproval on his face.

The man was wearing a white suit and gold-rimmed glasses. His nose was sharp and he had fair skin with lips that were shaped like wings.

Nalan Chunbo. He was the General Manager of the World Bank in the Asia Pacific Region.

He was also the orphan son of Ye Shu’s sister.

Bai Ying took back her hand. “When did you come back?”

“Only just now. Aunt, you really did it this time. I fear that Weiwei will blame you when she wakes up,” Nalan Chunbo glanced at the woman who was lying on the bed. He reached out and covered her with the quilt.

“I will take Weiwei away, you don’t have to worry,” Nalan Chunbo said softly as he looked at Ye Yuwei, his younger cousin.

He had always wondered how Bai Yuyan could be his cousin when she looked so bitter.

This was his real cousin. The one with a likable face.