The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 404

Chapter 404: What Will the Bai Family Do Now?

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After hearing her answer, Ye Yuwei felt relief rush through her. She fell back onto her bad.

That was really good news.

She did not owe Gu Juexi anything now. She did not owe him the lives of the comrades that he had lost.

However, what was the use even if she did not owe him anything?

Her mother was still Bai Ying.

Even if she did not owe him anything, what is the use of it now?

She was still unable to forgive him for everything that had happened in the past.

Bai Ying walked out of the room and shut the door. She leaned against the door and the tears that she had been holding back for so long finally fell.

Ni Ya rushed over and supported Bai Ying. When she looked down and saw the blood of her hands, she let out a yelp.

“Aunt,” Nalan Chunbo whispered slowly.

Bai Ying leaned against the door, using all of her remaining strength to stand up straight. She waved her bleeding hands at him and said, “Take her away. Take her as far away as you possibly can.”

Nalan Chunbo watched as Bai Ying walked away slowly. He watched as she staggered and felt miserable deep in his heart.

Ni Ya ran after her and gripped Bai Ying’s arms. “Why would you say those hurtful words to her?”

Bai Ying let out a laugh. “As long as Bai Yuyan is alive, no one can protect her except herself. Moreover, she is my daughter. The elders of the Bai family will never let her off so easily,” Bai Ying laughed and knelt on the ground. She buried her face against her knees and started crying.

Ni Ya opened her mouth but did not say anything. This was the first time that her mistress had cried after Mr. Ye’s disappearance.

Ni Ya knew that her mistress had stayed strong all these years purely for her daughter’s sake. She thought that if Cheng Jie was gone, Mr. Ye would finally return.

However, Mr. Ye did not return and the mistress was not capable of protecting her own daughter. She did not have anyone that she could rely on to protect her daughter. Therefore, she had to be heartless enough to force her daughter to grow up and defend herself.

Even if she would be hated by her own daughter, she had no other choice.

“Mistress, there are a few elders who are still downstairs.” Ni Ya did not want to burden the mistress now, but it would be more troublesome if the elders came up.

Bai Ying paused for a while before she regained her composure. She wiped the tears off her face and stood up straight. “Ask Chunbo to take Weiwei away. I will go down to meet them myself.”

Ni Ya nodded in response and watched as her mistress slowly walked down the stairs. She knew that she was only acting tough and keeping a strong front to protect her daughter.

Bai Ying went down, her eyes still red and swollen. Several elders were seated in the living room drinking tea.

“How is it you all have time to come over today?” Bai Ying asked as she sat down at the table and instructed the servants to bring water.

The elders were stunned to see Bai Ying and some of them glanced upstairs but quickly turned back to her. “Is Yuyan feeling better?”

Bai Ying sipped the water in the cup without changing her expression. “Yes, she is feeling better but she insists on going out with her cousin.”

“Niece, Cheng Jie is already dead. The will left behind by the old master is useless now.” One of the elders spoke up.

“That is right. It is such a pity, I should have taken it out earlier. There is no other way but to die in Gu Juexi’s hands,” Bai Ying said calmly as she looked at the elders sitting around her. “Gu Juexi already made it very clear. I do not wish to say this a second time, but stay away from China unless you intend to deal with Gu Juexi too.”

Gu Juexi could plan for more than ten years just to raise Cheng Jie up and destroy him in one strike. He had also annihilated half of the Bai family resources with that one step. Surely the elders knew better than to provoke the dragon.

“Niece, what you said is right. What will the future of the Bai family be like now?” One of the younger elders asked. “I have brought the person that Bai Ying mentioned previously. Why don’t you have a look at him?”

Bai Ying knew that the person he had mentioned was to be the next successor of the Bai family.