The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 406

Chapter 406: That Handsome Man Looks Just Like You

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The sun set, revealing a golden afterglow.

Six years had passed by just like that and no one knew what the other had experienced in that time. No one could snoop around to discover who had gone through hell and who had lived a good life.

[“Mr. Gu, do you have anything to say after winning the Oscar for best director?” In the studio, the blonde host sitting opposite him looked like she was star-struck.]

“Brother, brother…” In the living room of an apartment, a little girl in a special walker shouted as she pointed and started running in the direction of the bathroom.

“What is it?” The door of the bathroom was opened instantly, and a little boy walked out, holding on to clothes that were still dripping wet.

The little boy was only around five years old but had a pair of dazzling big eyes that could hold anyone’s gaze when they looked at him. He had a handsome face even with the baby fat.

The little boy put his sister’s skirt that he had been holding down and held her saying, “You should not be running. Have you already forgotten?”

His mother was not home and therefore he was responsible for looking after his younger sister.

There was something wrong with his younger sister. She would fall down a lot whenever she walked. Their mother had brought them to see many different doctors and the test results always showed that his sister’s brain was completely developed so they could not understand why she was always falling down whenever she walked.

That was why whenever he was busy, he would put his little sister in the special walker.

The little girl pointed excitedly at the television, nudging her brother to look at the television.

The little boy frowned and looked up, only to see the people on the screen. He frowned even more.

[“I have nothing that I want to say,” Gu Juexi replied indifferently.

The host was stunned for a moment but she quickly regained her composure and asked a second question, “It is very rare for a film on physics to win an award. What’s more, this is the award for best director. I have seen Mr. Gu’s profile before. Mr. Gu’s achievements in the field of physics are beyond what other scientists are able to achieve right now. May I ask why Mr. Gu is so passionate about physics?”

After she had finished asking the question, there was a moment of awkwardness as Gu Juexi did not seem to be paying attention, his mind elsewhere. Nobody knew what he was thinking about.

However, there was a tinge of sadness in his eyes that distressed people.

“Mr. Gu? Mr. Gu?” The host kept calling his name. At that moment, whatever admiration she had felt for him had been replaced by the awkwardness she was feeling.

Gu Juexi regained his senses and replied, “Because my wife said that there are plenty of mistakes in the field of physics. I want to find all these mistakes,” Gu Juexi finished and walked away from the live broadcast, leaving the host to deal with the awkwardness.]

The little boy, Ye Xicheng looked at the man who had disappeared from the television and kept frowning.

“Brother, what did he say?” Ye Xixi, who was nicknamed Xixi, asked as she looked curiously at her brother. Although they had lived abroad all year round, she was not able to go out on her own. She was always staying in the hotel with her brother, so her English was not good. She could not understand what the people were saying.

She thought that the handsome man on the television looked just like her elder brother!

Ye Xicheng quickly switched the channel to a cartoon for his younger sister. He then took his sister out of the special walker and placed her on the ground. “Nothing important. Walk slowly, okay. I am going to dry your clothes for you. Make sure you don’t run.”

“Okay.” Xixi nodded, as she watched her brother got to work. She walked slowly towards the sofa and sat down. However, she could not hold back her curiosity and said, “Brother, that handsome man on the television looks very much like you.”

“No, he does not,” Ye Xicheng replied as he stepped on the stool to hang his little sister’s skirt to dry.