The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 408

Chapter 408: Iron Maiden

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The news article deepened Ye Xicheng’s frown.

The price of a divorce. It seemed that Mrs. Gu’s children were not fathered by Mr. Gu.

The latest news articles seemed to have been deleted. He could hardly find any photographs, and could only read bits and pieces of the news article.

However, these words were enough for him to condemn this man to death.

Ye Xicheng’s eyes reflected a hatred that did not belong on the face of a young boy. How could Gu Juexi hurt his mother like that? How dare he?

Ye Xicheng was his mother’s pride and his younger sister’s superman, but that did not mean he had to be kind to others.

After all, he was Gu Juexi’s son.

Gu Juexi’s blood was running through his little veins.

And the first person that he was targeting was Gu Juexi himself.

Ye Xicheng saw the recent movie that Gu Juexi had won an award for, and he thought about what that man had said on television.

It was fake! It was all an act!

Rose Resort.

After reading the news, Ye Xicheng quickly researched the resort.

The Rose Resort was a joint development by Gu Enterprise and Qian Feng Enterprise that started up six years ago. After six years, it was finally completed as the largest resort in B City. It was officially opened for business on the 1st of June this year.

Ye Xicheng stared at the picture of the resort. His tiny mouth curved into a smile that was not cute but almost wicked.

As Ye Yuwei was cooking in the kitchen, she received a call from Qian Yikun.

Five years ago, she had come here together with Nalan Chunbo. Ye Yuwei who was unwilling to enter the bank industry again had run into Qian Yikun.

Qian Yikun had decided to help keep her secret and even offered her a job as the Financial Director of Qian Feng Enterprise. She was responsible for the international business of the company.

Ye Yuwei who had just given birth to two children decided to accept the job offer as she did not want to continue relying on her cousin brother.

Ye Yuwei answered the call and placed the phone on the table.

“CEO Qian.”

“It is after work, why are you still calling me CEO Qian?” Qian Yikun asked teasingly. “You left so quickly, I could not even ask you out for a meal.”

“The work was done, I was worried about the both of them,” Ye Yuwei replied with a smile.

“That’s good. I know you are the iron maiden that worries about your two little treasures the most. Everything is good as long as you are home safe.”

Ye Yuwei laughed as she listened to Qian Yikun.    ( B oxnovel.c om )

Iron Maiden.

That was the name that the people in the business field had given her throughout the years. When she had just arrived at Qian Feng Enterprise, many people had looked down on her because she was not local.

It was during that time that she used the encouragement her mother-in-law had given her to prove all those people wrong. It was also during that time that she had worked hard and proved her capability, and that had earned her the title of iron maiden.

Qian Feng Enterprise had grown larger internationally in the past few years and had not provoked any lawsuits. Everyone knew that this was because of the iron maiden of Qian Feng Enterprise. No one in Qian Feng Enterprise could make mistakes that would go undetected by the iron maiden.

Everyone knew that this iron maiden, who was called Nalan Wei, was not someone to provoke.

There was a time when Qian Feng Enterprise had provoked some people in the industry, and Qian Yikun was arrested. The stock of Qian Feng Enterprise was seriously affected because of this incident. However, it was the iron maiden that managed to raise the stock of Qian Feng Enterprise overnight.