The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 411

Chapter 411: Bai Yuyan is Back

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Qian Yikun naturally understood why. For the past few years, Ye Yuwei had refused to enter China again because she wanted to forget that man.

He also knew how Gu Juexi had been getting by the past few years.

It was not because of Ye Yuwei that Gu Enterprise remained stagnant, Gu Juexi had lost the will to continue the business.

Ye Xicheng listened as Qian Yikun laughed, unsure of what it meant.

He waited nervously.

“Uncle cannot decide for you, I need to get your mother’s consent. I will call your mother tomorrow to ask her, okay?” Although Ye Xicheng was still a boy, Qian Yikun spoke to him with respect.

Ye Xicheng hesitated then said, “Then, Uncle Qian…”

“Uncle understands, I will not tell your mother that you asked me for help,” Qian Yikun replied, smiling to himself. He did not understand how a man like Gu Juexi could have such an obedient and smart son.

Ye Xicheng finally broke into a grin. After repeatedly thanking Qian Yikun and ending the call, he deleted his search history and switched the laptop off before heading to bed.

It was a sunny day in B City.

Gu Juexi sat in his office and looked out the window.

Ye Yuwei’s pictures were all over his desk and office.

He was not afraid of being seen; he was no longer afraid of people knowing what he had done.

PA Wen knocked on the door and walked in. Gu Juexi turned to look at his assistant.

“This is a letter from the chairman and the board of directors saying that Gu Enterprise plagiarized their jewelry design,” PA Wen said and placed the lawyer’s letter on the table.

Ever since the mistress divorced the chairman six years ago, the chairman had been targeting Gu Juexi. PA Wen did not understand what he was thinking. Was it really necessary to target his own son?

“Was it plagiarized?” Gu Juexi asked casually as he tore up the lawyer’s letter.

“There was a traitor in the design department,” PA Wen admitted. “I have dealt with him.”

“All this just to settle with me, he really would resort to anything,” Gu Juexi laughed scornfully. Gu Juexi leaned back in his chair and asked PA Wen to leave. “Let him sue me.”

PA Wen opened his mouth to say something but held back.

After the young mistress’ accident, the CEO had become like this. No matter what the chairman did, he ignored all his actions as if he did not care about his own life anymore.

“CEO, there is one more thing. Bai Yuyan is back.”

PA Wen saw the change in the CEO’s expression. He sat up straight and looked at PA Wen.

“She has the guts to come back?” Gu Juexi asked furiously, voice filled with hatred.

He was certain that Bai Yuyan had misled Ye Yuwei, and that was why she had refused to forgive him and jumped into the sea.

He had been looking for that woman. He did not expect that she would suddenly appear.

“She is the chief designer of Gu International. The chairman handpicked her himself,” PA Wen said quietly. He was afraid of the CEO’s reaction as he knew that he could go crazy at any time.

For the past few years, he realized that if it had anything to do with the young mistress, the further he was from the CEO, the safer he would be.