The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 413

Chapter 413: PA Wens Thoughts

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Xiao Yaojing looked at the documents on PA Wen’s table and frowned. “That scumbag is not doing anything and giving all the work to you again?”

PA Wen hesitated before replying. “The CEO is not as bad as you think he is.”

“If not for him, would Yuwei be dead? If it was—”

“My dear grandmother,” PA Wen interrupted, leaping to his feet to cover Xiao Yaojing’s mouth with his hand. He quickly looked outside and after ensuring that there was no one around, he removed his hand. “Why are you screaming? If the CEO hears, even I can’t save you.”

PA Wen sounded frustrated as he took a step back.

Xiao Yaojing let out a laugh. “Yuwei is dead because of him. Am I wrong to say that?”

“The CEO did not want that to happen. If he had a choice, he would be the one who didn’t come back,” PA Wen said with a sigh. Although the drama between the CEO and the young mistress had always distressed him, it was different now because there was nothing he could do.

The young mistress he had always protected was gone.

Xiao Yaojing refused to listen to his explanation. Before she could say anything else, PA Wen interrupted her, “What did Mr. Lu do this time to make you so angry?”

The moment he mentioned Lu Qichuan, Xiao Yaojing became even angrier.

“Where did Lu Qichuan’s daughter come from?” Xiao Yaojing asked, scowling. “That little girl does not like me at all.”

‘I don’t know either,” PA Wen replied while pouring her a glass of water. “Did you think it would be easy to be a stepmother? Maybe if you tone down your temper, the child will come to like you,” PA Wen said absently as he stepped forward to hand her the glass of water.

“What is wrong with my temper?” Xiao Yaojing demanded angrily.

“Nothing, nothing. Your temper is fine,” PA Wen replied helplessly.

In reality, he felt she had a terrible temper which unfortunately was not what Lu Qichuan liked.

However, even if her temper was alright, it would be useless.

The person that he liked was not her.

After Xiao Yaojing finished drinking the water, she put the glass on his desk. “You can continue working your life away for that scumbag, I am leaving now.”

“You don’t want to have lunch together?” PA Wen asked eagerly but quickly recovered and said, “It is almost one in the afternoon. I guess you have not eaten yet?”

“No, thank you. I do not want to be near that scumbag any longer,” Xiao Yaojing laughed bitterly, took her bag and left his office.

PA Wen was about to say something. He lifted his hand, but in the end remained silent.

He did not have any other reason to make her stay.

The morning sun shone brightly in another country.

When Ye Yuwei woke up, she realized her daughter was no longer sleeping beside her. She turned around and saw her standing up while her brother diligently helped her into her dress.

“The greatest blessing I have in life is you,” Ye Yuwei reached out and stroked her son’s hair fondly.

Ye Xicheng looked at his mother seriously and replied, “That is why it is enough for mommy to have me. I can take care of both you and my little sister.”

Ye Yuwei was stunned at his sudden seriousness.

“Mommy, you should get up. Uncle is already here, he is waiting outside for us,” Ye Xicheng said as he took his younger sister’s hand and walked her outside.

When she heard that her cousin brother had arrived, Ye Yuwei quickly went to get ready. When she emerged from the bedroom, Nalan Chunbo had already washed the dishes and made breakfast for them.

Nalan Chunbo put the porridge on the table and looked at Ye Yuwei. “Come eat, I knew you would not be able to wake up early today.”

Ye Yuwei looked at Nalan Chunbo. She knew there was a reason he was here today.